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Compal to ship 3 million units of a new Nokia model in 2013. Entry-level and mid-range Lumias to be introduced after Lumia 1020!!

[embedit snippet="madsb"] According to a Digitimes article, Compal Communications has confirmed receiving orders from Nokia for a Lumia WP8 smartphone for the first time ever and will start shipping it in Q3. In fact, Nokia didn't place order for a smartphone with Compal post Lumia 510 in Q4 2012, so may be Nokia foresee that they won't able to cope

Updated: Is it just Lumia 520? Image of AT&T bound new Lumia device leaked now.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Update: May be it is just Lumia 520 after all. Anyways, this is known that all the three major carriers will get low-end devices. Lumia 521 is  available at T-Mobile. So, that leaves us with AT&T and [email protected] has now posted image of a AT&T bound device, which is clear

Updated: RM-910 has 1280×768 resolution while RM-941 has WVGA. “Love Wallpaper HD” stats reveal 3 new Lumias.

Update: We reached to [email protected] to ask about possible resolution of these three revealed Lumia devices. According to him, RM-941 has got WVGA while RM-943 has been seen only once and in a WP7 app so hard to say about resolution, but we guess it may be WVGA only, because it looks to be a variant of RM-941.