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So, it is confirmed now that the “BIG” thing landing today is none other than Lumia 625. We have been the first in bringing you the news about Lumia 625 passing FCC with LTE bands, Chinese certification and even we presented you with a probable spec sheet before anyone else.


You will be surprised to see how well our prepared spec sheet matches with the official one leaked today.

Nokialumia625_specs_puhelinvertailu Then evleaks has leaked three press photos which show Lumia 625 in all its glory!! It simply looks like a bigger and thinner Lumia 620.BPz91MqCEAM7coJ.png large BPziw5lCYAAJqMe.png large BPzwVh-CQAE5XR7.png large

Thanks Niss for the Tip. Cheers!!

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