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According to a recent tip to Chinese website WPdang, a device with 6-inch back shell is supposed to follow Lumia 1020 in release. This device is perhaps codenamed “Nokia Bendit” and it is in pilot production stage, which may be for prototyping and testing.


There is no further details about the device. Actually with 6-ich back shell, the device may have display size from 4.5 to 5 inch, as Nokia will not let go of bezels so easily. Anyways, it may be a fit candidate of the low-end to mid-range devices tipped coming with larger screen.


And, we have RM-941, RM-942 already passing through FCC, which match well with rumors of Lumia 625 and looks certain to follow Lumia 1020 in release. So, may be Lumia 625 codenamed as “Nokia Bendit” and may come with a screen size of 4.5 to 5 inch, though rumors put it at 4.7 inch. Or, may be “Nokia Bendit” is a slightly more mid-range device than Lumia 625.




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