BMAipktCIAA6yFs.png largeWow!! It seems all with knowledge and reach to Nokia EOS were waiting for this day only :P. First the full body photos and now a new account “Vizileaks” has posted an image on Twitter claiming to be “camera module” of Nokia EOS. If you look closely, many things look confirmed by other sources. First up is “XX” megapixels embedded on the camera module, which has been seen by our tipster earlier.

Also that Xenon and LED flash combo  and rounded shape of the camera module all have been heard or known. Look at the images below, where you can see the leaked camera module from above and the cover with openings for Xenon and LED flash leaked in images from China. Camera cover looks fit for the above image of Camera module. So, is it real ? It may be real or may be a great render. But, the cover with Xenon and LED flash openings gives this camera module image a sort of authenticity.BMAipktCIAA6yFs.png large



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