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New Nokia (Lumia) coming with 4.5 inch screen & RM-977 code.

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Nokia uses RM codes for its devices and with some investigation at Zauba (a site administrating import and export for India) I found a RM code that is not yet mapped to any announced / known device. It is a RM-977, a single sim device with touch with a screen size of 4.5 inch. For the size of it I guess it’s a Lumia.

RM 997 coming to India

For who want to search official RM codes, find them on

What do you think this could be? A typo? A cover up? A 925 in rebound?
It’s not the new 929 as this is 5 inch and as it’s from Finland and not from China or Vietnam this could indeed be a new pre production device…

Edit (Kamal) :

The quoted price of INR 7,966 is just above Lumia 520’s price across the entire Lumia product range and it certainly gives rise to a very interesting possibility. Lumia 525 has been quoted by Nokia as a Lumia 520 variant. So, may be this is the real Lumia 520 successor with 4.5 inch display.

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Roger Hendriks

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    • Kamal

      Let me check.

  • Okay! My evaluation now.
    1. Another small lot of RM-977 is marked as Dual SIM.. So What say?
    2. Looking at some other Logs, RM-977 is in work since over an year already. The signature timestamps marks at March 2013. –
    3. I can also find RM-976 and RM-977 in some of my files, yet unreleased and a small lot of these can also be seen at Zaubla.
    4. Prices at Zaubla are likely the production cost prices. Something to say as the what the device cost in the production country before importing. Plus, its common practice to fool Indian border authorities to mark an item as of lower cost so that they need to pay lesser import duties.

    All I would say is that this is the dual SIM Lumia 720 variant, probably called 725. Only reason why it has been in testing since so long is because WP still can’t do Dual SIM properly. And we have Nokia saying out since long that a dual sim device is in the works. So this could be it.

  • wp8lob

    Zuaba price is much lower than actual price. Note 3 was priced at 31k but ended up at 46k. Actual pricing of this phone should be around 12k.

    • Kamal

      That’s why I said just above Lumia 520. Lumia 620 was priced higher than 12000 at time of launch in India.

  • Kamal

    Great catch! Also look at the price of the device. At 7,966 it is just above Lumia 520 in range and it certainly is the new low-end successor.

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