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New Nokia (Lumia) coming with 4.5 inch screen & RM-977 code.

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Nokia uses RM codes for its devices and with some investigation at Zauba (a site administrating import and export for India) I found a RM code that is not yet mapped to any announced / known device. It is a RM-977, a single sim device with touch with a screen size of 4.5 inch. For the size of it I guess it’s a Lumia.

RM 997 coming to India

For who want to search official RM codes, find them on

What do you think this could be? A typo? A cover up? A 925 in rebound?
It’s not the new 929 as this is 5 inch and as it’s from Finland and not from China or Vietnam this could indeed be a new pre production device…

Edit (Kamal) :

The quoted price of INR 7,966 is just above Lumia 520’s price across the entire Lumia product range and it certainly gives rise to a very interesting possibility. Lumia 525 has been quoted by Nokia as a Lumia 520 variant. So, may be this is the real Lumia 520 successor with 4.5 inch display.

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