Midnight Bonfires, had decided to create an official music video, all with an 808 PureView. Nokia supplied them with 808 PureView and they have just been published the final cut. The band has very nice things to say about 808 PureView’s Rich-recording audio and video quality.

We all found the 808 PureView to be a brilliant device to use and the pictures and video it took were stunning. Most of the band aren’t too technical but we could all tell the quality of the device was huge. The sound recording was also incredibly impressive whilst we tested it out in a few loud practices.

We’d definitely recommend that 808 PureView to other people even just as a camera alone never mind the added features it has whilst being a very capable smartphone. I think we’d all also give it a brilliant thumbs up in terms of working with any kind of music because of the amount of noise it can handle. For recording simple demos it’s brilliant and with the built in fm-transmitter you can listen to it in the car afterwards straight away!