China Unicom bound Lumia 925 will be priced 300 Yuan less than what Lumia 920 was priced initially. Jingdong Mall’s official price of Yuan 4299 has been revealed via the above picture in China. Lumia 925T will be priced similarly, if we consider pricing strategy between China Unicom and China Mobile version of same devices. For your info, the booking for Lumia 925/925T opens on 17th of June and first 925 lucky buyers will get free Superman Wireless charging kit. Anyways, this is sensible pricing approach by Nokia in a market like China, where many believed that Lumia 920 was overpriced. Also it seems EOS will come at a higher price than Lumia 925, so may be Nokia is planning to bring EOS at similar price to Lumia 920.

Lumia 925/925T product link


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