Sorry, I was not able to write anything with this image as was stuck in a meeting. Now, you can have the first look at sun bathing and operational Nokia EOS. It is easy to appreciate how well it handles sunlight, a trademark of high quality displays Nokia packs into their devices. As we have come to know it is a CBD AMOLED display (PureMotion HD+) much like on Lumia 928 and Lumia 925, but may be you would like to see it getting compared with a Lumia 920 pictured in similar conditions. So, here you go!!

BMFX9t-CAAAPfjJ.png large

Now you can appreciate the quality of both the displays of Lumia 920 and Nokia EOS and see how easily they are readable even under bright sunlight. Also, even if both share similar frontal design differences in FFC positioning, Nokia logo positioning is quiet visible. It is indeed the most beautiful “Nokia camera flagship” yet beating both N8 and 808 in looks department, though I still love the way my N8 use to look or looks now and always wanted 808 to look like that. In fact, we can see N8’s design flowing into all the Lumia high-end devices.

Enough said!! Bring it on Nokia :).


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