Thanks Rukil for sending this in!! A claimed slide from what looks like a Microsoft confidential presentation about Windows Phone Blue has leaked and gets posted by Winphollowers. We received this tip sometime back, but due to that stupid “Malware notification” was not able to post it.

The slide reveals what is termed as “Action center” which is Microsoft’s name for the much-awaited notification center on Windows Phone. As mentioned in the slide,

  • it is central missed notification center
  • Apps will have the ability to add, update and delete notifications
  • It will have Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane mode and Driving as quick-access toggles
  • It can be pulled down to reveal notifications and all the notifications can be cleared in one go


This slide looks quite real, but you never know. Having worked in corporates, I can vouch for official documents looking as much untidy at times!

Take this leak with usual pinch of salt, though we rate it 75/100 at Mill-O-Meter scale.