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It may not be very much related to Nokia as of now, but very soon it will be when Nokia releases a 10.1 inch Tablet and a 6-inch Phablet going ahead. So, many were hoping or wishing Nokia to release a 7-inch Tablet first, which according to them may have provided a better start to Nokia’s Tablet plans. But, if latest IDC report has to be believed then it seems, Phablets are already affecting the sales growth of Tablets. So, did Nokia already identify this trend and planned to target both small-size Tablet and big-size Phablet markets with that 6-inch Phablet.

While mature markets such as North America and Western Europe have driven much of the tablet market’s growth to date, IDC expects shipment growth to begin to slow in these markets. Market saturation, increased adoption of smartphones with 5-inch and greater screens, and the eventual growth of the wearable category will impact tablet growth in all regions, but are likely to impact mature regions first.
Based on the above findings, IDC has lowered its forecasts for 2013 Tablet shipments but still the Tablet market growth will be 57.7% above 2012 shipments. The Tablet market will still grow rapidly and reach 407 million units by 2017.

The company now expects worldwide tablet shipments to reach 227.4 million units in 2013, down from a previous forecast of 229.3 million but still 57.7% above 2012 shipments. Despite the slight reduction for this year, the market will continue to grow at a rapid pace and by 2017 IDC expects worldwide shipments to be nearly 407 million units. The company also adjusted its regional outlook, with maturing markets such as the U.S. now expected to cede share more rapidly to emerging markets such as Asia/Pacific.

If everything goes as per various leaks and tips then Nokia has a good future strategy of Phablet+Tablet launches to cater to various size needs of people. Though a 8-inch Tablet may be the next smartĀ  move to fill the gap between 6 to 10 inches. Both Phablet and Tablet market will grow rapidly and Phablets still may have a size constraint of may be up to 6.5 inches due to usability issues. So, bigger sized Tablets are a necessity and can certainly give Nokia a slice of Tablet market which may grow to 407 million units by 2017.
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