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Windows Phone shipments have crossed 10 million in Q3, says Strategy analytics. #Lumia the Key!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Another analytics firm report  has confirmed impressive growth in Windows Phone market share in Q3 2013. According to Strategy Analytics report, Windows Phone has been responsible for 4.1% of global smartphone equipment which tallies well with what "ABI research's report" tells us. But while ABI's report puts total WP

Why Nokia’s 6-inch Phablet targets both smartphone & Tablet markets. IDC: Adoption of Phablets affecting growth in Tablets shipments.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] It may not be very much related to Nokia as of now, but very soon it will be when Nokia releases a 10.1 inch Tablet and a 6-inch Phablet going ahead. So, many were hoping or wishing Nokia to release a 7-inch Tablet first, which according to them may

8.6 million Lumias and 10.3 million WP devices may have been sold in Q2. Lumia 520 sales may have touched 2.8 million.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] March: June: So, it is prediction time again!! Adduplex data for full quarter is out and let us try to find out what it hints about WP shipments in Q2. So, first the necessary basic assumptions/data. 30% skew in Adduplex data towards WP8 devices, which may have grown to 40% with more and