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Weekly Recap: Nokia 10 Penta-Lens camera leak, MWC 2018 Nokia event, Oreo Camera app test, TA-1016/TA-1045, January updates and more


Time for our Weekly roundup, where we do a recap of all the super-interesting stuff covered during the gone week including our coverage over the weekend. In case you didn’t get a chance to be online on weekends or on weekdays, you won’t miss the most interesting Nokia coverage!! So, here are the highlights for the last week (Jan 14-21).

Nokia 10 Penta-lens Camera leak in China:

We covered the rumor/leak about Penta-lens camera on the ultimate 2018 Nokia Flagship that can be launched as Nokia 10. We also talked about why this Penta-Lens camera may feature Zoom Camera technology from Zeiss.

Nokia 10 Penta-Lens Camera module design leaked. 18:9 display, double-glass design rumored

Would Nokia 10 feature multi-lens Zoom camera tech from Zeiss? Joining the dots

Rumor: 2018 Nokia Flagship with Penta-Lens Camera, Snapdragon 845 & Nokia 8 2018 in works.


Nokia launch event at MWC 2018 confirmed. Expect it to be awesome, says HMD:

HMD confirms Nokia Phones launch event on February 25 in the run-up to MWC 2018

HMD: Expect MWC 2018 to be “awesome” for Nokia Phones

Nokia Oreo Camera app test on Nokia 5 and 6 shows big improvements:

New Nokia 5/6 Oreo Camera app improves low-light performance & autofocus locking significantly.

January Security Updates arrive for Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8:

[List of Markets] January Android Security update for Nokia 8 available now

January Security update for Nokia 6 2017 (Nougat) now rolling out [List of markets]


[List of Markets] Nokia 5 on Android Nougat receiving January Security update now

Nokia 3 receiving January Android Security update in many markets

Oreo Update for Nokia 6 2018 and 7:

Nokia 7 receiving Android Oreo in China. Nokia 6 2017 to get it soon

Nokia 6 2018/Nokia 7 variants pass FCC certification:

TA-1016 & TA-1045, US-bound Nokia 7/6 2018 variants appear at FCC



Deals (India): Buy Nokia 8 – Rs 26999, Nokia 6 – Rs 13499, Nokia 5 (3GB) – Rs 11099, Nokia 2 – Rs 6499 & Nokia 3 – Rs 7999



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