This is seemingly last of its kind !! Master video creator “Topolino70” who has always created magic with 808 PureView’s mighty 41 MP camera, has collated many remaining pieces of earlier recorded videos in one. The result is  amazing as always !! He terms this video “Potpourri of Finnish Nature“. You can’t afford to miss this one !!

During last autumn I recorded lots of great video material which did not fit to my previously released 808 videos. Nevertheless material was not by means worse – on the contrary. So I finally had time and motivation to collect the remained 808 video material to this video which I made to fit Tchaikovsky’s Vals de las flore composition.

All material recorded using Nokia 808 Pureview + Velbon C-600 tripod. I attached 808 to tripod using adapter of my own design. If you are interested my tripod adapter design, check my channel for video “How to attach Nokia N8 to a tripod…”. What is said about N8 applies straight to 808 also. Video edited using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD platinum 11.

Music is performed by London Festival Orhestra. I don’t own music and no copyright infringement intented.

Watch the video below or click here,