Microsoft is very close to release Windows 10 Mobile update for Windows phone 8.1 devices. Windows 10 Mobile comes with many improvements over Windows Phone 8.1 like, universal app support which allows developer to create an app that works across desktop, tablet and mobile running on Windows 10.

Popular media player, VLC is working to improve their app for Windows Phone 8.1 devices rather than Windows 10 Mobile. Thomas Nigro, the developer behind VLC, tweeted:

It seems VLC developers are still in doubt regarding some, Windows Phone 8.1 devices will not receive Windows 10 Mobile update. On other hand, Microsoft already confirmed several times that all Lumia devices will receive Windows 10 Mobile OTA update very soon. However, we expect the company to begin focusing on VLC’s Windows 10 version after Microsoft releases Windows 10 Mobile officially for almost every device.