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Try this app: SpotBright for Windows 10 Mobile

We know there is less support from developers but there are some pretty good 3rd party apps available in the Windows store.

Today we found an interesting app called SpotBright. The app automatically finds beautiful Windows Spotlight images and allows us to download those images and save it permanently.

In the app there are two options to search images, fast search or in-depth search. As the name suggests, fast search allows the app to find images quickly but for limited quantity and in-depth search takes a bit long to find images. In our case, total size of 174 spotlight images was 109 MB and the images are very HD and beautiful.

Install Link

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  • Achili Abdulaziz

    The grammar in this article sucks. Maybe you should hire me, I’m not expensive.

    • Thanks for pointing us out. Fixed all the errors.

    • Bishal

      But Nobody likes you ?

      • Achili Abdulaziz

        Freedom of FEELING. Nobody likes a badly written article too.

        • Akhil G Vithura

          Article may have little mistakes , but we have great sources

        • Akhil G Vithura

          We are posting new things as fast as possible ,Our editors are very vigilant , Thanks for your feedback , we will improve it 😀

          • Kamal

            Actually it has been edited and corrected.