TravelmateThe Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Travel Mate. This is the ultimate companion app for casual and frequent travelers.

Travel Mare Details & Features:

Create trips, record expenses, activities, tasks and notes using the powerful tools bundled with the application. Add pictures to your activities and show an automatically generated diary of your trip to your friends and family.
Some of the key features:
-Plan your activities and budget
-Record activities and expenses, use online or custom exchange rates
-Add additional details to activities such as flight information, contact details, itinerary and so on
-Capture receipts for activities
-Export all information, the thumbnail photo and receipt picture of an activity to a Word document
-Create photo albums for activities
-Manage your trip related tasks
-Take colorful notes with essential information, such as a flight number or directions
-Export your activities, expenses, tasks and notes to an Excel workbook
-Pin your trip to the start screen and track your expenses right there without starting the application
-Avoid overspending by taking a quick look at the summary page of your trip that informs you about the planned, daily and remaining budget
-Search for any of your activities, expenses, notes and tasks
-Use the built-in unit of measure converters to convert metric and imperial area, length, mass and volume units, Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way round
-Convert clothing sizes with the clothing size conversion tool
-Use the currency calculator that supports online and custom exchange rates to exchange currencies and formulas such as 5 × 30 EUR + 5000 HUF
-Show both your home time and the time of your location if you are in a different time zone
-Edit existing or create new activity categories and subcategories. You can also define what information you would like to enter for a given category

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