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Death of SLRs!! PureView phase1, PureView Phase 2, Rich-reording, ProCam and that portability make Lumia 1020 a winner.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, Nokia has manged to pull off what imaging enthusiasts wanted it do. To bring PureView phase1 and phase 2 together. They have not only brought OIS and oversampling together in Lumia 1020, but also improved the 41 MP sensor. The sensor on Lumia 1020 is BSI instead of

Nokia shows leading competitor device with 13 MP sensor (Read SGS4) uses only 10% of its theoretical sharpness in low light!!

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Nokia has released "Whitepaper" on Lumia 1020's camera prowess and tech that goes inside making it amazing. While going through it, we couldn't help but notice this part and share with you. So, Nokia has compared Lumia 1020's 5 MP performance with a leading competitor device with 13 MP

Bytes: Windows phone to PC sync app comes out of Beta. Nokia brings “leap motion” tech to Here Maps. Can obey gestures now!!

Nokia has brought leap motion technology to its 3D Here Maps. Now you can use  (in case available with you) a connected leap motion sensor to your PC and explore the Here Maps by using simple gestures. Have a look at the demo video below for more and click here for

Lumia 925: Display technology, New Imaging algorithms and Nokia Smart camera app.

Nokia has posted three separate articles explaining the Display technology and new imaging innovations coming with the new sensation Lumia 925. We intend to bring all the salient points in one single article for you. For more details, click on the Nokia Conversation  article links. Display technology: New laminated AMOLED display technology, makes

Cutting edge: Nokia using Phase-change memory (PCM) in Asha devices. “Tens of millions” of PCM to be shipped in 2012!!

Nokia hasn't lost its edge in using latest tech advancements to practical use. Proof is, use of latest in RAM development called PCM or phase-change memory in Asha smartphones. You will be surprised to know that the supplier "micron" has just started producing these memory chips in July 2012 only.