Light-art-in-post4Photogs and Lumia imaging enthusiasts amongst us would know that we can set shutter speed on Lumias to as high as 4 secs, arguably the  most on smartphones. This camera capability gives rise to awesome creations in form of light paintings. We received a press note from Nokia’s PR team and it talks about how leading light artists Ian Hobson of Newcastle, UK and Jeremy Jackson from Virginia, USA have created a series of light painting images with mighty Lumia 1020. There are some handy tips shared and a video as well, for helping you in “light paiting” yourselves.

Image samples:

Try this link for many more.



  • Set the Nokia Lumia on a steady surface or tripod
  • Access the camera control panel by swiping the camera icon left for adjustable settings
  • Set the ISO at a low level – 100 – 200
  • Set the shutter speed to four seconds
  • Set the white balance to the ‘light-bulb’ setting
  • Set focus to infinite
  • Set the self timer to 10 seconds
  • Experiment with different light sources for stunning effects
  • To make the most of the four seconds, get your friends to join in to create more light trails in a single shot


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