Nokia hasn’t lost its edge in using latest tech advancements to practical use. Proof is, use of latest in RAM development called PCM or phase-change memory in Asha smartphones. You will be surprised to know that the supplier “micron” has just started producing these memory chips in July 2012 only. Since these are 1st gen chips they are most suitable for low memory requirements phones as of now. But still they offer benefits like speeding up boot time, simplifying software development and boosting performance with its overwrite capability.

Micron said its PCM can speed up boot time for mobile phones at switch-on, simplify software development and boost performance with its overwrite capability. Micron’s 45-nm PCM components are being targeted at mobile phones with a future devices aimed at smartphones and tablet computers, the company said.

So, next time you feel proud about 2-3 seconds boot time of your Asha phone, you know the reason behind that :P.  Also great news is that, Micron confirms shipping tens of millions of these in 2012 thanks to Nokia Asha range.

At the time of the Electronica exhibition EE Times¬†referenced a Micron executive saying that Micron will ship tens of millions of units of 1-Gbit PCM in 2012. Micron’s volume comes from a couple of cell phone design wins (see Micron phase-change memory to skip a node). One is the Nokia Asha phone (see www.nokia.com/global/products/asha).

“Nokia has always found ways to provide innovative mobile devices for its customers across the globe, and Micron’s PCM for mobile enables us to enhance the performance of Asha smartphones,” said Dirk Didascalou, senior vice president for mobile phones at Nokia, in a statement issued by Micron. “Micron is a trusted supplier, and their new technology helps create a strong user experience with a number of feature and performance enhancements.”

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers!!