Lumia625-pic2-465Nokia has posted three separate articles explaining the Display technology and new imaging innovations coming with the new sensation Lumia 925. We intend to bring all the salient points in one single article for you. For more details, click on the Nokia Conversation  article links.


Display technology:

  • New laminated AMOLED display technology, makes display ‘stack’ thinner, which has clear implications for the thickness of the whole phone. Second, it reduces the reflectiveness of the display, improving on the already excellent performance of Nokia’s ClearBlack technology.
  • AMOLED is also prized for offering more saturated and vivid colours. Blacks are blacker and the engineers have pushed the maximum brightness up to 600 Nits for the Lumia 925, brighter than any other OLED display in the market.
  • Extremely wide viewing-angle of the display. This is measured from 0-90 degrees. At 0 degrees, you’d only be able to see the screen from directly above. At 90 degrees, you’d be looking at the side of the phone. The Lumia 925’s screen is visible from any angle, apart from 90, of course.
  • Sunlight readability enhancement feature, which improves outdoor visibility even further, in addition to the high brightness and wide viewing angles.

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Smart Motion

Nokia Smart Camera:

  • Lumia 925 comes with the new Nokia Smart Camera. This brings together the functionality from the existing Smart Shoot lens, together with the brand new Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus options.
  • You can set Nokia Smart Camera as your default camera interface if you want it to open straight from the dedicated camera hardware button. The regular camera mode is recommended for low-light and for best picture quality when capturing stills.
  • Nokia Smart Camera takes ten shots in a short burst at a resolution of 5 megapixels and stores all ten for as long as you need them. Best Shot will automatically find the sharpest picture from the set for you to share, or you can go through them yourself to find a personal favourite. One can mix and match heads and other details to prevent blinking eyes or flapping hands from spoiling the picture with Change Faces.
  • Action Shot highlights motion and brings together each picture in the series to create a unique effect.
  • Motion Focus could be described as ‘superhero mode’. It simulates action by keeping your chosen subject still while blurring the background, giving the illusion that they’re moving at super speed. The best part is that a person taking the photo doesn’t have to physically move or follow the action to create the effect.

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New Imaging Algorithms:

According to Juha, head of Nokia imaging tech the new camera software on Lumia 925 has huge improvements over software algorithms introduced on Lumia 920. Though he hasn’t mentioned the six-element lens on Lumia 925, but from his tweets we know it brings sharpness.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the fruit of all the imaging experience we’ve had at Nokia over the years,” says Juha. “We introduced a lot of new technologies and algorithms with the Lumia 920, and now we have made huge improvements to the whole imaging system. The algorithms and hardware are perfectly tailored to work together.”

 There are four main areas that benefit from these software improvements.

  • Natural details: The new camera algorithms have much more advanced processing for fine details and noise and you can see the effect immediately both in day and night photos. The best part is that even though the algorithms carry out very advanced processing, the end result is very natural image.
  • Low light performance: The low light performance on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 is already great with unique optical image stabilizer and f2.0 optics. Now, with updates first seen on the Nokia Lumia 925, it gets even better. The effective maximum ISO on our high-end Nokia Lumia cameras moves from 800 to 3200 – four times higher.
  • Colour reproduction: Creating pictures that are true to life with natural colours, and never were they more true than in the latest camera software.
  • Advanced brightness control: The latest camera software makes considerable advances in recognising what it is you want to focus on, and making sure it’s illuminated.

Good news is that Lumia Amber update coming is Summer will bring these new Algorithms to the Nokia Lumia range both preloaded and as an over-the-air  update.

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