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NPU app fixed

Hi all, The last week the NPU app had a problem with the caching tool of the website. New articles where not shown so that was a major bummer. This is now fixed in the latest version of the app which will automatically be updated in the following days. 2017 will be

NPU gets new design, features and Magazine / Blog Views.

We know you must have noticed it already, but to make it official and talk a bit about it, your Favorite site NPU aka Nokiapoweruser has gone though a complete redesign!! The new design is still evolving as there are many changes that are still going in background to make

Updated: NPU’s leak & Rumor reporting and accuracy.

In recent days, there have been malicious attempts by some "scared" and jealous haters to tarnish reputation of NPU and we thought it really important to make it clear for once and ever to believers and haters. When it comes to covering leaks / rumors / speculations, NPU has a clear

65% of you want us to post “anonymous tips”.

  We conducted a poll to understand how many of you are fine with us posting "anonymous tips". It was quite evident in comments though that many of you don't like us doing so, as these tips, 1) Harm NPU's credibility, when they bomb 2) Give chances to some with agendas to malign

Poll: Do you want us to post Anonymous tips??

NPU has one of the best leaking accuracy when it comes to exclusives and reports from sources we trust and quote as "our sources", the latest being the Lumia 435. While I personally don't mind any other blog posting "anonymous tips" and even like reading then, there are many who try

NPU (Nokiapoweruser) turns 3 today, What a Journey!

Thanks WordPress for reminding me! 3 years just flew by and today is the day when I registered for the first time with WordPress for creating “”. So, that was the day when my tryst with blogging began too. Don't know, how many of you still remember that, but it