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[WinCentral App available now] Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile coverage moved to WinCentral


WinCentral App is available now to download on your Windows 10 Mobile devices. Read more and download.

When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s D&S division but decided to continue with Lumia brand, we had decided to keep covering Windows Phone along with Nokia news on NPU. But, it becomes clear now that Microsoft has already planned to do away with Lumia brand and will rather focus on Surface brand name for Mobile. While that is mostly symbolic change, we have decided to gift both Nokia and Windows Phone fans something which sounds logical enough.

Going forward, WinCentral will be one stop destination for all your Windows 10, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft related news coverage.

NPU returns to Nokia fans and will cover Android OS related news, tutorials, leaks too apart from the best Nokia coverage on Planet.

The existing windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile content on NPU will remain and we will only move some of the old tutorials, deals articles to WinCentral.

Nokiapoweruser Tweeter and Facebook accounts will still host tweets from both Nokiapoweruser and WinCentral. So, keep following both accounts or one of them based upon your needs.


Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long.

He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing.
Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • Roasted Wookie

    you are wasting resources still covering that mediocre crap windows 10 mobile.

  • Rce

    So,finally my point is taken ..:)Nokia is now android..

  • DBS

    A very welcome change as far as I’m concerned 😀 Now, about that Android app…?

    • Kamal

      In works for sure. May take a bit of time.

  • Thanks for all the scoops you gave us on Windows devices. Good luck with your new direction. Cheers Adam ????

    • Kamal

      It continues on do follow us there 🙂

  • johala02

    Good decision. Not happen a lot with Windows 10 Mobile at the moment.

  • Lior

    Removing the bookmark

    • Kamal

      Rather Bookmark Wincentral, we encourage..

      • Fer

        And feed the already huge ego of that prick called Daniel Rubino, no f way, another bookmark less for you

        • MajorRockStar

          What is the connection between WinCentral and Windows Central? I don’t understand what Daniel Rubino connection is to WinCentral.

        • DBS

          WinCentral is not Windows Central 😉

  • RbrtSfrn

    I mind “The Great Devide” and maybe tomorrow in Android world NPU will finally have a decent app. Till then so long. WinCentral on web? No thank you.

    • Kamal

      WinCentral app is in works…

      • RbrtSfrn

        Know why NPU made this change. Android market has their rules end ecosystem. WinCen is another story now. Wishing w10 app like MSPU and WC and even better. We will see in future will Nokia carry Windows parfume again. Hope so, but it is not must be.

  • thepestilence

    Is wincentral a different app?

    • Pyrobri

      No its a different website…!

  • Pyrobri

    It now becomes, clear, this was known months and you guys rode on the coat tails all this time as you had nothing better to do. Nokia is now just a small name in a massive Android shaped pond. Good luck finding anything interesting to say…!!

    • noox

      They can’t write about Android’s News ???

      • Pyrobri

        They can indeed but it is called ‘Nokia Power User’ not ‘Android Power User’.
        That then leads to this site becomes exactly like Android itself, just another me too site in a massive sea of websites all reporting the same news. With 1 or 2 stories a week actually about Nokia if they are lucky.

    • Kamal

      WinCentral has same editorial team and is much suited for Win fans because it caters to all thing win and MS. It is a win-win thing for both Nokia and Win fans.

      • Fer

        Big bs

        • misterstu

          You couldn’t even grasp that the new site wasn’t windows central, so were so lazy not to even click on the link. So I imagine those 5 letters of incisive thinking are equally well thought through.

    • DBS

      “Nokia is now just a small name”

      Ahahahahahahah yeah. That must be why the Nokia 6 alone is on its path to sell in a month more devices than Microsoft sold Windows Phones in the entirety of 2016. Because they’re “a small name”.

      And the Nokia 6 alone selling out in minutes? Yeah, another good indication of a “small name”

      • Rce

        Don’t comment against him,he’s one of those delusional and frustrated windows fan out there,two days ago I had a fight against him on that topic. and more over he had a doubt whether Nokia android truly sold or not..

        • Pyrobri

          sorry but go make your own conversations, which part of my comment is delusional.
          Where are the facts I am asking for?
          Seems you guys are the ones going around making up stats which is pretty much the definition of delusional..!!

          I certainly never said that I questioned if Nokia truly sold out or not, I said that it isn’t hard to sell out of a small number of units and without facts nothing can be proved. Yet again.
          tell me how I am delusional when you guys are the ones making things up???
          And by the way, I have an Android phone so where does that fit your theory..??
          I just don’t take this marketing crap for face value..!!
          Seems you are the blind delusional fan deriding anyone else’s opinion on anything!!

          • Rce

            Yes,I’m a Nokia fan and an ex-employee too,so I have no problem accepting that and this is also Nokia power user not windows power user and from 2017 onwards Nokia=Android….And when you see different posts like people have paid $9 advance for registration of Nokia 6 or indeed Microsoft sold less than 1mil phones in last quarter then really a question arises everyone is doing this for Nokia’s marketing gimmick or some people are actually too ignorant about brand Nokia’s success..

      • Pyrobri

        OK if you are going to quote ‘facts’ please back them up.
        Where exactly have you seen the figures that show the Nokia 6 selling more devices in a month than all Microsoft phones in 2016, do you even know that number?? It was somewhere around 14 millions so lets see how you get on with your forecast shall we…??!!
        And yet again, how many times must this be said, they sold out in minutes!
        Tell me how many they had in stock, prove to me that it was hundreds of thousands instead of say 10,000. If you cant then you are arguing with no solid footing, just some bumped up impression of something you hope is true.
        The reason these companies give out ‘interest’ figures but fail to produce sales figures is exactly this, people read ‘sold out in minutes’ and assume massive sales figures.
        That is because they lack critical thinking abilities and marketing takes advantage of that every day!

  • Shivam Singh

    Welcoming change