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When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s D&S division but decided to continue with Lumia brand, we had decided to keep covering Windows Phone along with Nokia news on NPU. But, it becomes clear now that Microsoft has already planned to do away with Lumia brand and will rather focus on Surface brand name for Mobile. While that is mostly symbolic change, we have decided to gift both Nokia and Windows Phone fans something which sounds logical enough.

Going forward, WinCentral will be one stop destination for all your Windows 10, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft related news coverage.

NPU returns to Nokia fans and will cover Android OS related news, tutorials, leaks too apart from the best Nokia coverage on Planet.

The existing windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile content on NPU will remain and we will only move some of the old tutorials, deals articles to WinCentral.

Nokiapoweruser Tweeter and Facebook accounts will still host tweets from both Nokiapoweruser and WinCentral. So, keep following both accounts or one of them based upon your needs.