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Poll: Do you want us to post Anonymous tips??

NPU has one of the best leaking accuracy when it comes to exclusives and reports from sources we trust and quote as “our sources“, the latest being the Lumia 435.

While I personally don’t mind any other blog posting “anonymous tips” and even like reading then, there are many who try to show NPU in bad light it seems, when we do that. Comments from our well-wishers (we know you care about NPU) ask us to not post “anonymous tips”. For example check this tip about Windows 10 release and comments.

Though we have already clarified that,

Now, are we responsible for every rumor that gets posted on NPU? Yes, if we claim a particular tip or leak is from “our sources”, we are ready to take kudos or brickbats for it, but things like rumors or tips from less-known tipsters or from other sources / sites can’t be verified, because Microsoft or Nokia don’t provide  “verification licenses” to any blog or site, in spite of claims made by few hypocrites.

And thus, we don’t own responsibilities of any leak / rumor / speculation that doesn’t come from “our sources”, end of the story.

So, this poll is to know your opinion about “Should we post anonymous tips or not”. It is better to know view of our readers, because that’s what matters.

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  • penultimateName

    Give us the rumors unless they are too ridiculous to consider. Then differentiate the two by identifying them as a trusted source or not. There probably should be a three strike rule. If the source offers reasonable rumors but is wrong x number of times then they goto jail.

  • Fausto

    I just love when Kamal makes a lot of hits, then the few misses are not so important after all because MS sometimes changes its mind for one reason or another… and that can’t be blamed on him or the tipper.
    ie: The tipper said MS is going to release a new build and then it doesn’t happens, later they publish that was held back for stability/security/whatever reasons.

    When WindowsNAZICentral fails a lot on their so called “leaks”, nobody says a word because doing it will get you silenced/BANNED, I know that for a FACT on my own from experience. You don’t criticize W-NAZI-C, that’s forbidden!

    What really gets me angry is that the so called “chief” Daniel “Hitler” Rubino is an AppleFAG, he OWNS several Apple products, he even does his “job” on this devices(laptop, iPad and iPhone) from several years ago. The dude is not one of us, is a “wolf on sheep’s clothes”. I’m tolerant when it comes to use whatever device you like, but DR is a fake.

    I’m not a crusader pro WP, I’m just a good user who promotes it, and happens to know how to use LagDroid and iOS too, and by the record, I hate using those, they simple are not for me, but I’m not saying that anyone who uses a Nokia N1 is a traitor, this is NOKIA Power User, we talk about everythink Nokia(being it Windows Phone, Android or whatever), but the aforementioned site calls itself Windows Central as if they ARE the only reliable source, which they aren’t, the only reliable source is always Microsoft itself.

    Anyways when a tip from Kamal is wrong… Meh! but when an anonymous tip becomes reality… OH WOW!!!

    With that being said… KEEP THE GOOD WORK KAMAL!!!

  • Before this poll it had reason, now just stupid fans know they can inform you what they heard from their stomach moans.

    • Kamal

      It ain’t that easy. Everyday we receive dozens of tips. We don’t post everything that we are bombarded with.

  • JLIT99

    The anonymous tips are useful as a lot of them were true. It could help the credibility of the site to put a large disclaimer banner on the page when displaying them though.

  • MegamaN

    If the anonymous post has some legitimacy, then go for it. If you don’t even believe it, yourself, then don’t do it. Unlike, Deepak, I love coming here, regardless if the leak is bad or good. The idea is to keep us updated and informed of what’s the world of Nokia and what’s to come.

  • Deepak

    I get you. But on the longer run if you have too many such false rumours then ppl will lose faith on your website. Also this is were ownership comes into picture I guess. It could be anonymous but then since you post it, we believe you would have done some background check. Else you could just be like any other blog which posts each and every tip they get. Your role gets diminished.

  • I love the rumours. Funny that one site in particular is ready to point fingers but has also been wrong on so many occasions from “Their credible sources”
    Personally I think it makes a good read, especially since you let people know to take your posting with a grain of salt if it isn’t from one of your regular sources.

    • John Smith

      Ah, you mean WindowsNAZICentral with their “microsoft employees in the forums” to “help”…