We know you must have noticed it already, but to make it official and talk a bit about it, your Favorite site NPU aka Nokiapoweruser has gone though a complete redesign!! The new design is still evolving as there are many changes that are still going in background to make it look Premium, attractive and at the same time functional. So, here are things that we want you to know.

Two Views:

While, the default Home Page is set to look like a Premium Magazine, you can opt for a Blog View from the top menu, if you always preferred the Blog View. Give it a try.


To be frank, we always avoided to have a slider there for many reasons but now when we settle for one, it is functional and highlights our top or Hero articles.

Sections on Home Page:

You can see News, Leaks & Rumors and other sections on Home Page. Quick to reach to stuff you want to read most.

Posts layout:

Posts look much beautiful than they have ever appeared. Though we can have many layouts, the one that we chose looks beautiful and has all the info displayed in a neat manner.

Though the site wears a new and better look, it is open for exploration and your valued Feedback!! Do let us know what you think about the new design in comments.