Poll anon Tip

We conducted a poll to understand how many of you are fine with us posting “anonymous tips”. It was quite evident in comments though that many of you don’t like us doing so, as these tips,

1) Harm NPU’s credibility, when they bomb

2) Give chances to some with agendas to malign us.

Now the poll results are quite surprising as nearly 65% of you want us to post such tips!! While 31% don’t want us to post these. There are some quite useful comments from you on the original poll article, as how we should take care of such tips.

So we plan to do the following while posting any such tips in future,

1) Clearly mention it is an “Anonymous Tip” in title and content

2) Mention whether the tipster has been right or wrong in past or whether it is his / her first tip.

3) Avoid anything related to “dates”, as that causes unnecessary “angst”

4) If possible try to confirm with our regular sources (though it is not always possible in most of the cases)

Final words:

We really don’t want to mislead anyone with hoaxes and rumors and this blog will try to remain as interesting & fresh as ever. We need your support and understanding too and while we can go wrong at times, we really intend to avoid that.

Do let us know what you think in comments!!