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Nokia’s Q1 2015 results: Strong sales growth YoY. HERE & Nokia Technologies post strong profit. Positive outlook for FY’15

Nokia has posted its Q1 2015 results and it is a mix bag!! While Sales growth has been strong Year on Year, Networks profitability has taken a dip. Nokia Technologies and HERE have posted both sales and profitability growth. Nokia has also posted a positive outlook for the full year 2015. Highlights: Strong

65% of you want us to post “anonymous tips”.

  We conducted a poll to understand how many of you are fine with us posting "anonymous tips". It was quite evident in comments though that many of you don't like us doing so, as these tips, 1) Harm NPU's credibility, when they bomb 2) Give chances to some with agendas to malign

Nokia’s strong Q4 2014 results. Nokia N1’s remarkable reception. Networks (8%), HERE (15%) & Technologies (23%) all see growth & report profit

Nokia has posted its results for Q4 and full year 2014. All three Nokia businesses have seen growth YoY and have reported positive contribution to the earnings. Here are the highlights, 454 million EUR operating profit ( 524 Operating profit (non-IFRS) ) Networks reported operating profit of 14% with YoY growth of