Google Play Windows 10 MobileSome enthusiasts have complied a list of around 120 Android apps running on Windows 10 Mobile along with their test run results. As you may know Android apps with even Google Services requirement can be now installed on Windows 10 Mobile running devices. Click here to read our tutorial on how to easily install Android apps even with Google services requirement, though “risk and fun are all yours”.

Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile List:

     Apps                   Installation success                             Issues Faced

Chase Bank appWorks
Feedly worksWorks 100%Bit slow
Rewards4BingWorks 100%
fallout shelter
boom beach
myfinesspalWorks 95%
3D MarkPartialCan’t download any benchmark to run
5 GuysNoDoesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
Amazon App StorePartialWorks, laggy though. Trying to install an app crashes the app.
Amazon KindlePartialApp loads, signing in works, but might crash when trying to download an ebook
Angry Birds 2No
Bank of AmericaYes
Bank of ScotlandNo
BattlelogNoCrashes on startup
Bleacher ReportYes
Browser (APK in system FilesYes
Candy Crush SodaYes
Capital OneNoWorks with the exception of camera access (no check depositing)
CartwheelPartialCamera doesn’t work (tested on Lumia 925)
CasperPartialCamera doesn’t work
Chase BankPartialan view transaction history but balance shows as N/A
Chase MobileYes
ChipotleNoDoesn’t work apparently its location service is tied into google play
Citi MobileYes
Clash of clansPartialWorks so far, haven’t tried IAP because…im not spending money on that game… Lumia 925 doesn’t show building models
CommBankPartialFails to log in
Cox ConnectYes
Destiny Companion AppYesWorks, guardian 3D model may cause app to crash, turn it off in settings.
Dolphin BrowserYes
Draw SomethingNo
Dunkin DonutsNoDoesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
ES File ExplorerYes
FingPartialOpens, however is unable to search network (only finds WP device)
Fire TV RemoteNoInstalls but cannot connect to Fire TV
FirefoxNoCrash on launch
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4Yes
Friday Night at Freddy’s 4Yes
GameStop PowerUpNoCrashed /u/eric5949’s phone on launch, required reinstall of all apps, refuses to instal again.
Geometry Wars 3NoDoesn’t download the resources need to play.
Green TurtleNoDoesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
Groove MusicPartialCan’t log in so no radio
HearthstoneAwaiting confirmationCrashes with “Failed to download additional files from google play”. Edit: /u/skeeder3dc has given a suggestion on how to make it work, I’ll try it as soon as I can get a connection for my laptop again.
HTC Internet BrowserPartialunable to actually render websites
ImdbNoFails to launch
ImgurNoDoesn’t work (When you try to sign it throws “This feature not yet implemented”
InrixNoInstall failed, missing library
InstagramPartialone can only not use the camera, but selecting photos from the gallery works. The upload process is quite buggy, but viewing images and commenting does work (videos do not play).
JetBlueNoCrashes when attempting to load
JodelNoSeems like location services is tied into Google Play
JuiceSSHPartialKeyboard doesn’t pop-up once connected
KodiNoApp loads for first time use, then sits at a black screen until it crashes. Load it again and it just sits as a black screen until it crashes.
Lloyds TSB BankingNo
MessengerPartialNo notifications outside of app, no calling
Microsoft AccountNoNeeds Google
Minecraft Pocket EditionNoFails to install
MLB at the ballparksYes
MSGA GolfYes
NookYesSlow but working
OneNoteNoApp just sits at loading screen until it gives up and crashes.
Only OneYes
OperaNoCrashed at main screen on first launch and crashes instantly thereafter
Optimum (TV)NoShows loading screen, never gets past it
Outlook.comPartialCan’t Compose Emails, App crahses and wont load again
PebblePartialYou can sign in, but can’t connect: Feature not implement. So it’s basically useless.
Peggle blastNo
PeriscopePartialNo crash but no videos can neither be created nor watched
Pet Rescue SagaYes
PinterestYesCrashes on startup for user i_kevin (Lumia 925)
Pizza HutYes
PlaystationNo, Partial After PatchAfter APK is patched to remove Google Play Services, Store works, but sign in opens Edge with no way to carry the token back to the PS App
Popcorn timePartialTorrents don´t seem to load. Videos can´t be played.
PPSSPPNoApp itself works, but hangs when loading an iso
Prehistoric wormYesIt states it requires Google Play Services, but I just pressed back a few times to close the warnings and it worked regardless
Puzzles and DragonsNoNot sure what i was expecting here, its hooked pretty hard into Google Play services. Crashed on launch.
Reddit is funNoApp itself works, crashes when logging in with message “not implemented yet”
Redstone Federal Credit UnionYes
SantanderNoFails installation “Missing Shared Library”
ScreenConnectYesremoting into a session requires entering the session twice)
Snap by GrouponNo
SnapChatNoNew versions throw an error when you try to log in, old versions say to update
StarbucksNoCan’t log in
SubwayNoFails installation “Missing Shared Library”
Taco BellNoDoesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
TeamViewerNoApp works, but it fails to connect to the internet.
TimehopNoCrashes on startup
TinderPartialWorks but gives an error for missing Google Play Services when you run out of swipes
Toggl Time trackerYes
TripAdvisorPartialApp can still read your location to search nearby hotels, restaurants, and things to do.
TV GuidePartialStreaming doesn’t
TwitchNo, Partial After PatchDoesn’t work Error message “Twitch will not run without google play services”, After patch, Streams are black
TwitterYesWorks, but might not load images on timeline
Ulster Bank ROIYes
United AirlinesNoWon’t installed, says missing library
Watch Dogs CtOSNoNever loads.
WazeNoCan’t get location, forever initializing.
WiFi AnalyzerPartial/UnsureI can’t get WiFi to work on my 929 but the app opens fine and acts as if it would work. com.farproc.wifi.analyzer
Wikia Game GuidesPartialWorks, though crashes sometimes, and some images fail to load
Words with FriendsYes
XfinityPartialCan browse library, but video streaming doesn’t work
ZeenYesMinor UI bugs
ZipcarPartialComplains about lack of Google Play Services, but everything but mapping works

Thanks Bandu, Shiv & many others for the tip. Cheers!!