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Updated: List of Android apps tested on Windows 10 Mobile with results & issues faced


Google Play Windows 10 MobileSome enthusiasts have complied a list of around 120 Android apps running on Windows 10 Mobile along with their test run results. As you may know Android apps with even Google Services requirement can be now installed on Windows 10 Mobile running devices. Click here to read our tutorial on how to easily install Android apps even with Google services requirement, though “risk and fun are all yours”.

Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile List:

     Apps                   Installation success                             Issues Faced

Chase Bank app Works
Feedly works Works 100% Bit slow
Rewards4Bing Works 100%
fallout shelter
boom beach
myfinesspal Works 95%
3D Mark Partial Can’t download any benchmark to run
5 Guys No Doesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
500px Yes
Aliexpress Yes
Allthcooks Yes
Amazon App Store Partial Works, laggy though. Trying to install an app crashes the app.
Amazon Kindle Partial App loads, signing in works, but might crash when trying to download an ebook
AndroIRC Yes
Angry Birds 2 No
Bank of America Yes
Bank of Scotland No
Battlelog No Crashes on startup
Bindle Yes
Bleacher Report Yes
Browser (APK in system Files Yes
Buzzfeed Yes
Candy Crush Soda Yes
Capital One No Works with the exception of camera access (no check depositing)
Cartwheel Partial Camera doesn’t work (tested on Lumia 925)
Casper Partial Camera doesn’t work
Chase Yes
Chase Bank Partial an view transaction history but balance shows as N/A
Chase Mobile Yes
Chipotle No Doesn’t work apparently its location service is tied into google play
Chrome No
Citi Mobile Yes
Clash of clans Partial Works so far, haven’t tried IAP because…im not spending money on that game… Lumia 925 doesn’t show building models
CommBank Partial Fails to log in
Cox Connect Yes
CPUz Yes
Destiny Companion App Yes Works, guardian 3D model may cause app to crash, turn it off in settings.
Digg Yes
Discover Yes
Dolphin Browser Yes
Draw Something No
Dunkin Donuts No Doesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
Ebay Yes
ES File Explorer Yes
Facebook Yes
Fandango Yes
Fing Partial Opens, however is unable to search network (only finds WP device)
Fire TV Remote No Installs but cannot connect to Fire TV
Firefox No Crash on launch
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Yes
Flipboard Yes
Friday Night at Freddy’s 4 Yes
GameStop PowerUp No Crashed /u/eric5949’s phone on launch, required reinstall of all apps, refuses to instal again.
Geometry Wars 3 No Doesn’t download the resources need to play.
Green Turtle No Doesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
Grindr Yes
Groove Music Partial Can’t log in so no radio
Halifax No
Hearthstone Awaiting confirmation Crashes with “Failed to download additional files from google play”. Edit: /u/skeeder3dc has given a suggestion on how to make it work, I’ll try it as soon as I can get a connection for my laptop again.
HTC Internet Browser Partial unable to actually render websites
Imdb No Fails to launch
Imgur No Doesn’t work (When you try to sign it throws “This feature not yet implemented”
Inrix No Install failed, missing library
Instagram Partial one can only not use the camera, but selecting photos from the gallery works. The upload process is quite buggy, but viewing images and commenting does work (videos do not play).
JetBlue No Crashes when attempting to load
Jodel No Seems like location services is tied into Google Play
JuiceSSH Partial Keyboard doesn’t pop-up once connected
KeyBank No
Kik Yes
Kodi No App loads for first time use, then sits at a black screen until it crashes. Load it again and it just sits as a black screen until it crashes.
Lloyds TSB Banking No
Messenger Partial No notifications outside of app, no calling
Microsoft Account No Needs Google
Minecraft Pocket Edition No Fails to install
MLB at the ballparks Yes
MSGA Golf Yes
Nook Yes Slow but working
Number26 Yes
OneNote No App just sits at loading screen until it gives up and crashes.
Only One Yes
Opera No Crashed at main screen on first launch and crashes instantly thereafter
Optimum (TV) No Shows loading screen, never gets past it
Outlook.com Partial Can’t Compose Emails, App crahses and wont load again
Pebble Partial You can sign in, but can’t connect: Feature not implement. So it’s basically useless.
Peggle blast No
Periscope Partial No crash but no videos can neither be created nor watched
Pet Rescue Saga Yes
Pingdom Yes
Pinterest Yes Crashes on startup for user i_kevin (Lumia 925)
Pizza Hut Yes
Playstation No, Partial After Patch After APK is patched to remove Google Play Services, Store works, but sign in opens Edge with no way to carry the token back to the PS App
Popcorn time Partial Torrents don´t seem to load. Videos can´t be played.
Poweramp No
PPSSPP No App itself works, but hangs when loading an iso
Prehistoric worm Yes It states it requires Google Play Services, but I just pressed back a few times to close the warnings and it worked regardless
Puzzles and Dragons No Not sure what i was expecting here, its hooked pretty hard into Google Play services. Crashed on launch.
Reddit is fun No App itself works, crashes when logging in with message “not implemented yet”
Redstone Federal Credit Union Yes
Santander No Fails installation “Missing Shared Library”
ScreenConnect Yes remoting into a session requires entering the session twice)
Snap by Groupon No
SnapChat No New versions throw an error when you try to log in, old versions say to update
Spotify Yes
Starbucks No Can’t log in
Steam Yes
Subway No Fails installation “Missing Shared Library”
Taco Bell No Doesn’t work Missing shared Library error install error
TeamSpeak No Crash
TeamViewer No App works, but it fails to connect to the internet.
Timehop No Crashes on startup
Tinder Partial Works but gives an error for missing Google Play Services when you run out of swipes
Toggl Time tracker Yes
TripAdvisor Partial App can still read your location to search nearby hotels, restaurants, and things to do.
Tumblr Yes
TV Guide Partial Streaming doesn’t
Twitch No, Partial After Patch Doesn’t work Error message “Twitch will not run without google play services”, After patch, Streams are black
Twitter Yes Works, but might not load images on timeline
Ulster Bank ROI Yes
United Airlines No Won’t installed, says missing library
Vevo No
Watch Dogs CtOS No Never loads.
Waze No Can’t get location, forever initializing.
WiFi Analyzer Partial/Unsure I can’t get WiFi to work on my 929 but the app opens fine and acts as if it would work. com.farproc.wifi.analyzer
Wikia Game Guides Partial Works, though crashes sometimes, and some images fail to load
Words with Friends Yes
Xfinity Partial Can browse library, but video streaming doesn’t work
Yatse Yes
Zeen Yes Minor UI bugs
Zipcar Partial Complains about lack of Google Play Services, but everything but mapping works

Thanks Bandu, Shiv & many others for the tip. Cheers!!


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