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Elop: Positive Impact of chosing WP to be felt for the first time!! Aggressive product introductions in rest of 2013.

In an interview with, CEO Elop has given some interesting hints about the positive Lumia sales impact and product introduction strategy in 2013. Here are the main points, According to Elop, "positive impact of going windows phone way will be felt for the first time". So, here two things become

“Supply constraints” hit Lumia 920 volumes in Q4.AT&T had “significant supply issues.Confirms Nokia in conference call.

It is nothing to cheer about but seems the "supply constraint of some components" was really an issue with Lumia 920's volume. CEO Elop has confirmed in a post "press-release" conference call that Nokia was hit by short supplies of some of its new phones, including the Lumia 920. They specially