In an interview with Mobilegeeks.de, CEO Elop has given some interesting hints about the positive Lumia sales impact and product introduction strategy in 2013. Here are the main points,

  • According to Elop, “positive impact of going windows phone way will be felt for the first time”. So, here two things become clear, firstly Q2 (Obviously, if interview was in May, impact will not be felt in September) may be really good and secondly even Nokia thinks that Q2 sales volume may be the first one taken by industry seriously.
  • Various new Lumia product introductions are due for 2013. These products may set new standards in smartphone camera with massive investment in sensor and optics. That is mouth-watering indeed. Think of it, EOS and Phablets and may be a Nokia Tablet as well.
  • Like Jo harlow, he also talked about “computational imaging” aka that 16-lens Array camera.
  • Mapping and offline navigation related new services will continue to be another area of product differentiation.

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