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Elop: Positive Impact of chosing WP to be felt for the first time!! Aggressive product introductions in rest of 2013.


In an interview with, CEO Elop has given some interesting hints about the positive Lumia sales impact and product introduction strategy in 2013. Here are the main points,

  • According to Elop, “positive impact of going windows phone way will be felt for the first time”. So, here two things become clear, firstly Q2 (Obviously, if interview was in May, impact will not be felt in September) may be really good and secondly even Nokia thinks that Q2 sales volume may be the first one taken by industry seriously.
  • Various new Lumia product introductions are due for 2013. These products may set new standards in smartphone camera with massive investment in sensor and optics. That is mouth-watering indeed. Think of it, EOS and Phablets and may be a Nokia Tablet as well.
  • Like Jo harlow, he also talked about “computational imaging” aka that 16-lens Array camera.
  • Mapping and offline navigation related new services will continue to be another area of product differentiation.

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  • J.K.

    The interview was translated from english to german and now gets an interpretion by the english speaking community.
    My understanding is, that Nokia`s strategy is showing first positive outcomings. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Kamal Mishra

      You are absolutely bang on. That’s what he said :).

  • Kosher Nostra

    Thank’s Mr Elop! Great Leaders keep constant communication & Positive feedback on Productivity is greatly appreciated. Giving us hope out here in the States for a Leader status sometime in our future with the Lumia Line!

  • soysen

    Man, need more responsible writing here regarding “positive impacts”. Is this a paraphrase?

  • Lui

    where the hell is Elop saying that sales performance in quarter 2 is positive ? Where do you get such informations or deduct this sensitive datas ?

  • Curtis Le

    To the author, the information that you described regarding q2 sales can’t be found from the website. I used google translator translated the entire interview article and couldn’t find the information that you wrote.

  • anon

    Just read the article. Elop never seems to say anything about Q2 performance or “positive impact of going WP way”. Can you point out where he says that?

    • david

      Here the same. He never said something like that. Things like this make me think this blog is not very accurate with the information.

    • Jay

      There are two different interviews with Elop on The one in question is from a few days ago (not the more recent one). I don’t read it as a huge hint for Q2, but it’s definitely positive. Elop is American and knows that he is not allowed to release unpublished price sensitive information on a casual basis.

      • This post is BS. Nowhere, according to a discussion on SA, does he reveal anything about Q2, it is interpretation. As user Jay says, he knows he is not allowed to release information prematurely. Hopefully nobody bought Nokia shares based on this fake piece of very sensitive information.

        • Kamal Mishra

          Thanks for your highly intelligent comment :P.

    • rick is thick

      for the “going windows phone way” its in the first paragraph and so is q2…the article is in german

    • nokfan1607

      My language is German. I have to agree. In the source, there is no information as to quarter two being really good or sales volumes being taken seriously by the industry. If I had not read the source, I would never have guessed, that this is the opinion of this blog and not of Stephen Elop. Having read here the article, my first thought was that I have to buy Nokia shares. Thankfully, I speak German and could check the source.

    • Curtis Le

      I agree. Misleading. No where in the interview mentioned about Q2 sales.

    • Kamal Mishra

      Yup, Elop never said anything about Q2, and where did I write that he said anything about Q2. he just said “going wp was right” and positive impact can be felt for the first time. The interpretation will be about Q2 as Elop would not hint about Q3 right now or would he?

  • lllooo1

    I would definitely buy a Nokia W8.1 tablet when they come out.

  • krishna6233

    what abt adding basic features f a smartphn to wp8 mr elop 😛

  • troll

    Add my Nokia 925 to Q2 from Tmobile when it comes, Elop ! Then the tablet.