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In an interview with WSJ (which was behind origin of rumors of Nokia buyouts by MS), CEO Elop has sought to give it back to them opining that it is “hard to understand the rationale” for selling Nokia’s device business. It is really hard to understand such nonsense rumors even for us and we wrote a lot about this in our POV articles. But, anyways good to see Elop being direct as always.

Elop also mentioned that Nokia is not satisfied with current market status but that there smartphone shipments are growing in US,

“We are starting from a brand perspective from a position of a great upside potential,” he joked. “It is harder in the U.S. It is a leadership market.” Mr. Elop said he isn’t satisfied with Nokia’s position, but he said it is making progress and shipping a growing number of smartphones.

While talking to ET, India he mentioned that Nokia is planning to bring competitive devices every six months. He also seemed convinced about impact about next-gen of Lumia devices.

“Every six months there has to be the next competitive device we have to move it forward. But the themes will remain the same,” said Elop. “I guarantee you there will be something more that goes beyond this in the next generation.”

Nokia is also planning to bring features from Lumia 1020 to lower priced devices like they did on Lumia 720. Also, in both the interviews, Elop let it know that they understand that Lumia 1020 is not for everyone, but will bring increased brand recognition to whole Lumia range.

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