That hope is contagious, everyone knows !! But when the person in picture is Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop exuding oodles of hope and confidence then it may certainly mean “tails up” situation for Nokia :).

According to an interview with Di.se, Elop has expressed confidence of Nokia making back to top and this road back to the top goes through the Windows operating system, according to him.

Elop says,  “In this area, Nokia is already the largest in the world and he is convinced that Apple and Android will draw the short straw in the future”.

Confirming that Lumia strategy is working he said, “It has been a challenge in which the company has gone through major changes. Now beginning to see the fruits of our labor”. It may very well mean that Q1 2013 has been really good so far in terms of Lumia’s sales performances. Seems “Positive profit warning” coming soon ?

And may be Lumia 920 has really sold well, as Elop says that Nokia could take back its position as the brand everyone wants. Lumia 920 is the tool that will take the company there.

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers !!

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