This is real testimony to the awesomeness of PureView phase 2 on Lumia 920. Engadget has recorded interview with Nokia CEO Elop with handheld Lumia 920, and just check the video. It looks like as if some tripod has been used  to capture the video. Though they have recorded the audio with an external mic, but perhaps they should have given “Rich-recording” on Lumia 920 a shot.

Anyways coming to the interview bit,

  • Elop seems to suggest  “Lossless zoom” and  “OIS” are  two of the building blocks of “PureView tech”  and many more are coming in near future. Also, it is great to know that Nokia will bring PureView to low and mid-range devices as well. Well, in my opinion that brings real imaging revolution.
  • On, HTC’s copycat phones 8X and 8S, he says with only colors one can’t match Nokia and that Nokia are the trend-setters in design in the industry. We agree.
  • On asking about support for old Lumias, he confirms long ongoing support for them. We have seen, how Nokia is bringing Bluetooth file transfer, Cinemagraph and other features with WP7.8 update, only available for Lumia devices.

Watch the Interview video captured with Lumia 920,

[viddler id=c65a25fb w=545 h=307]