The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is Series Fan. Now you Manage all of your favourite tv shows with Series Fan, check in to Trakt and share your experience on Facebook and Twitter about the episode you’re watching.

Series Fan Features:

• Get a quick overview of the series you have the most unseen episodes and the episodes you should catch up with

• Offline support: only downloading new series and images, updating, and sharing require internet connectivity

• Download torrent files and subtitles for the unwatched episodes, and upload them to OneDrive

• See statistics about how much series you watched

• With the help of the Series Fan Companion App you can start to play the episode on the PC from the phone and delete the already watched episodes

• Use voice commands to checkin and play, control remotely your pc with the media controls

Series Fan also loves the movies: • With the help of the Companion App it will get the movies, which are on your pc. App will search information about them from Imdb, Trakt. You can start to play the movies on the pc from the phone.

• You can check in to movies on Trakt

• You can wachlist movies on Trakt, which you would like to see.

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