Market share reports for Q3 2017 shared by analyst firms have highlighted strong demand for Nokia feature phones and good initial success for Nokia smartphones. But most of the reports have been without mention of actual sales or shipment data for Nokia Phones and smartphones.

Analyst firm Counterpoint Research had earlier revealed that HMD (Nokia) is back to the 8th global ranking among handset vendors in Q3 2017. They have now provided us with exclusive data on Nokia feature phones and smartphones shipments and ranking in Q3 2017.

As per the exclusive data shared with us by Counterpoint Research, 2.8 million Nokia Android Smartphones and 13.5 million Nokia Feature phones were shipped by HMD in Q3 2017. This resulted in Nokia Phones climbing to 3rd feature phone vendor and 16th smartphone vendor rankings.

Table: Nokia HMD Shipment and Ranking Q3 2017

Device CategoryRankingShipment
Feature Phone313.5

With in quarters of its re-entry in the market Nokia HMD quickly graduated to the 3rd spot in the feature phone segment. Nokia’s smartphones have also been well received in the market making it grow rapidly in recent quarters. The brands sentimental value within dealers and customers paired with quality smartphone launches is helping Nokia gain further market share.

As per an earlier report around 1.5 million Nokia Smartphones were shipped in H1 2017. So, 2.8 million smartphone shipments in Q3 2017 can be said to be a big jump over the combined Q1 and Q2 figures. Q4 2017 being the holiday quarter and with full range of Nokia smartphones becoming available globally, we can expect it to be the best quarter yet for Nokia Android smartphones.

Nokia Phones are driving growth everywhere has been confirmed by a recent report from Taiwan that reveals that strong demand for Nokia Phones made Foxconn, the top ODM manufacturer in Q3 2017. The report also claimed that Nokia Phone’s demand has remained strong in Q4 2017.

Industry watchers like Strategy Analytics are also showing confidence in HMD’s strategy by betting Nokia Phones to one of the drivers of smartphone shipment growth in 2018.