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IDC: HMD (Nokia Android Phones) holds 0.4% market share, 11th largest manufacturer in Europe

After revealing that that 1.5 million Nokia Android smartphones shipped in the first half of 2017, IDC's Research director Fransico also told us in a tweet that Nokia 3 was the top selling or rather shipped Nokia Android smartphone. But more information about Nokia Android smartphone sales performance has been revealed

1.5 Million Nokia Android phones sold in H1 2017, says IDC hinting at strong Nokia 6 sales in China

We last exclusively reported the evidence that shows millions of Nokia Android smartphones in active use already. This somewhat verified the claim made by HMD that they have already sold millions of Nokia Android smartphones. But we now have an IDC report claiming that 1.5 Million Nokia Android phones were sold

Millions of Nokia Android phones already active, shows Installation no. of Nokia Mobile support app

HMD CMO Pekka Rantala candidly revealed in an interview some days ago, that HMD already sold millions of Nokia Android smartphones. Now, while HMD has never agreed to reveal the hard data of how many it sold till now and may not do so in long run we may have

Nokia 6 sells out under a minute & becomes no.1 Bestseller smartphone at Amazon India after 4th Flash Sale

Nokia 6 has sold out yet again under one minute in its 4th Flash sale at Amazon India. In last three flash sales too it had sold out quickly leaving many Nokia 6 prospective buyers high and dry. Nokia 6 had received over one million registrations for the first flash

Nokia 6 does a China in India with 1 million registrations for Flash Sale at Amazon

Back in January when Nokia 6 was listed at JD Mall in China it attracted more than 1 Million pre-registrations before its sales start. It has now repeated this feat in India too. Amazon India has received over 1 Million registrations for Nokia 6 before the first flash sale commences