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There has been lots of debate and complaints about the speed at which MS is delivering updates and features which are quite basic in nature but still not available on WP8. Actually, there are many school of thoughts about Windows Phone OS in its user base as well. There are many who love simplicity and modern feel of the OS and are fine with feature set that they have, but want the platform to be competitive and thus want updates to come faster. Then there are some who are switchers from other OSes like Android and compare the features on two OSes and then obviously complain.


Now, during our hands-on of Lumia 920 we found the WP8 a really capable OS with smoothness built all-around. There were obviously some niggles which we mentioned in our Lumia 920 and WP8 OS impressions article.


So if we collate all features and changes being asked from MS and make a really big list, question comes what should MS deliver first and which feature set update is most important.

Answer perhaps is, features and UI improvements which really make platform more competitive and enhances the adoption in short to long run.

  • MS must deliver updates first, which remove limitations like no. of processor cores, display resolution, lack of dual-sim capability if they want to make platform competitive and as we mentioned, time needed is the key here. Faster they can deliver it, more beneficial it will be for platform growth.
  • Apart from this, features like “Notification center” and toggles for settings like Bluetooth,  NFC, Data and WiFi are must for adoption by users from other platform and it makes the already easy to use UI easier.
  • There are many more features which are sought by users, but many of them are good to have and can wait.

So, these are things which Microsoft must deliver first and fast. Dual-Sim phones, quad-core processors and Full HD display are must haves, if they want the high-end of windows phone to be as successful as the Androids. New gen of iPhones are also supposed to come with very high PPI screens and quad-core processors. Nokia has tried to keep high-end Lumias differentiated enough with primarily design and imaging prowess. But, still a major chunk of smartphone customer base ignores it due to mental comparison of specs, which may not be the wisest thing to do as Lumias are really good performers with existing specs, but one can’t fight with it!!

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