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Latest screenshots / photos reveal “LUMIA” branding on probable #Lumia 1820, battery % icon.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Latest screenshots from leakster Qxerro reveal Microsoft's "LUMIA" branding on probable #Lumia 1820. No, Nokia there!! It will obviously be replaced with "LUMIA" in upcoming MS Lumia devices. Battery % icon in the top notification area is confirmation of this coming with WP8.1. [embedit snippet="madsr"] Source

POV: About leaked #Nokia’s #Android Phone “Mountain View” and does #Apple under Tim cook know “i” of innovation?

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, this leak has been really hot yesterday, yet we were not able to cover it. Chinese site "Ctechcn" has informed about Beijing Nokia Research center still testing a Nokia Android low-cost phone running on Snapdragon 200. This smartphone  has been nicknamed "Mountain View" and has been tested since

Seems what we guessed was right. Report says #Nokia was working on #Android before #MS pulled the trigger.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] We opined on the basis of a certain " 2014 recommitment date" mentioned in slides posted by MS when they announced Nokia acquisition plans that, Now, a new report corroborates what we guessed. Nokia was indeed working on Android powered Nokia smartphones. According to sources of NYTimes, Before Microsoft reached a