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WP Blue 2

Some leakster named @qxerro is on rampage today, and he has leaked a plethora of screenshots of what looks like upcoming WP 8.1 aka Blue. The device in question is RM-826 which is a Lumia 820 variant. Some new features get revealed like,

  • No password needed for Kid’s corner
  • Earlier revealed Notification tile is there. But, there is a new down-swipable toast notification pop up on the screenshots below. So, that means toast notification will appear on top of the device screen and can be swiped down.

WP BlueApart from the above screen the leakster claims about,

  • Swiping left will reveal Me tile ,quick share ,settings and personalize still not seen in current builds.
  • Also pressing Start button for long will access  “CORTANA (voice assistant)double Start = What is going on area ?! double Back = ends current app

Most interesting of all is something called 1820, which can easily be related with a Lumia and a screenshot or combination of screenshots has been posted for this 1820.



Make your bowl of salt ready as there is too much possibility of it all being fake. But, if you ask us the screenshots of WP Blue look bit authentic.

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