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Final Fantasy in Red Stripe deals for this week. Lumia 1020 for just £430.39 at Amazon UK.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] So, time for this week’s “Red Stripe Deals”. Final Fantasy, SuperPhoto and Crumble Zone  are three apps which go for a discount on WP store this week. Superphoto is available for $1.99, Crumble Zone for $0.99 and Final fantasy is priced $2.99. Final Fantasy may be on radar for

Bytes: Hilarious Lumia 1020 ad from Nokia France. 6 Disney titles are now free in WP store.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Two quick bytes!! As you can see in the above screenshot, 6 Disney Titles have gone free in WP store. Great offer, rush and grab!! Disney apps link Nokia France has posted shockingly hilarious video ad for Lumia 1020 titled "Shoot first, zoom later". A must watch due to its fun

Waze comes to WP. Nokia Music rebranded Nokia MixRadio. Here Transit adds “Livesight”.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Lots of Windows phone apps related news!! After big name Instagram official app hitting store, Waze is the another top app which is now available for Windows Phone devices. This is a crowdsourced mapping application with real-time traffic updates sourced from fellow drivers. Though Waze has been acquired by Google

Instagram official app already submitted to WP store. Store link discovered.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Nawzil, who has tipped that Instagram application is coming to WP store in one week, has now shared WP store link for submitted official Instagram application. With a bit of spying, Redditors have discovered that Instagram URL, is also redirecting to this link at Windows Phone Store. This link

Xbox One SmartGlass app comes to WP and Windows store.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Good news for Xbox gaming enthusiasts!! MS has just released Xbox One SmartGlass app to Windows Phone and Windows stores. Both the apps can be installed by clicking the download links at bottom of the article. Features : Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion app for your Xbox One, both

Instagram rumored coming to WP in one week. Whatsapp Private Beta has ‘delete old chats’ feature.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] A recent tweet from Nawzil who is considered to have some MS-insider connections claim Instagram arriving to WP store in just one week. I was wrong about #InstagramWP release date. But the good news is it's coming sooner. It's coming in a week! #Instagram#WindowsPhone — Nawzil (@Nawzil8) November 17, 2013 Our Mill-O-Meter

Updated: Even more apps are free!! Rush and Grab!! Angry Birds, StarWars, Rio free at WP store!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Update: As informed in comments section, seems different versions of Angry Birds or even other apps are free in different regions. As per Keng, Change your location Angry Bird Star War, Season, Rio = Thai Store Free Star War2, Angry Birds original = US Store Free Space = France Store Free As per Venky, cut the rope –