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So, this leak has been really hot yesterday, yet we were not able to cover it. Chinese site “Ctechcn” has informed about Beijing Nokia Research center still testing a Nokia Android low-cost phone running on Snapdragon 200. This smartphone¬† has been nicknamed “Mountain View” and has been tested since July. Development was in such a stage where a “Pilot production batch” of 10000 was already manufactured by “Foxconn”. The story claims that the device is still in production? So, would MS deal kill it once it is approved by shareholders?

Actually if you read carefully, it seems it has something to do with “Nokia Beijing research center”. Nokia hasn’t sold its research facility to MS, so it may live on as a preparatory project for future Nokia Android smartphone launch.

Apple vs Nokia

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook under whose captaincy Apple has delivered unimpressive iPhone clones year after year without any “Real Innovation” claims Nokia is dead because they didn’t innovate. So, few things I would like to remind the gentleman here,

  • Apple still pays handsome royalty to Nokia and will keep doing so as a reminder to them that Nokia is not dead and that Nokia is innovative and that’s why Apple has to pay the royalties.
  • Under Tim Cook, Apple’s product have worst track record of innovations. They are churning same phones with hardly any big feasible changes and banking on “loyalty” and “investment of customer in eco-system” to do the magic for them.
  • iPhone market share is decreasing rapidly with every dumb / not innovative product like iPhone 5, 5S and 5C coming out of their stable.
  • iPhone 5C design is a blatant copy of mid-range Lumia 620 design and what about iOS7. Read our views as how iOS 7 is a catch up to and has copied something from every major OS out there.
  • The kind of cold response latest iPhone 5S and 5C has got from everyone, very soon Apple will see its market share shrinking more rapidly and it may be go out of phone business in coming years as Nokia has recently did. So, better shut up “Cook” and take care of your share prices which have seen drop of 33% in recent times.

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