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Poll: Would you buy a Lumia without Nokia name prefixed?

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So, MS has acquired Lumia brand but would sell it without Nokia name. So, just seeking opinion from blog regulars that would they consider a Lumia or MS Lumia or whatever once the deal is done in Q1 2014.



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  • somehow a trust factor is associated with the word Nokia. Nokia produces excelletn quality phones though they lack in features. So definitely i wudnt buy a phone without Nokia word in it.

  • dew111

    With the same people making and designing the phones it should not matter. I work for Agilent Technologies’ scope division, and we were spun off from Hewlett Packard. Agilent is now spinning us off too, so we will have a new name to be announced. I sure hope people keep buying our scopes, even with a different name! But with that being said, I’m sure the name change will impact us somewhat, just like the change to the Agilent name affected us. I would expect the same for MS/Nokia. Hopefully, MS makes use of Nokia’s marketing over their own, because it is way better. Also their product naming, because as much as I love Microsoft, they are terrible at it (really? you name the third gen: Xbox One?).

  • Lui

    Hello my friend of this site:
    if you rememeber good: I told you half a year ago that Nokia would be bought by Microsoft . this was evident following the strategy of Elop not to choose an alternative like android.
    As shareholder of nokia since yesterday I was pleased about that step of Microsoft. As Nokia fan certainly not, but we must be realistic that the Lumia series will be now follow a slow death with the microsoft label behind. I dont think that sales of smartphones will now rise.
    I my own had a 920 which I gave back after having had with it a nightmare.
    As replacement I got a new one of the 920 (let’s see if the nightmare continues..).
    So with the new contract I will certainly not follow the microsofts..

  • LS

    Maybe it is better to have a joint-venture form, with a name Nokia Macrosoft Solutions and Elop will have CEO roll there.

  • Kamal Mishra

    You look in hurry!! Nokia still exists…….

  • akash

    Is anyone know when this deal going to end? I find that 31 December 2015 is the last day. After this day 2016 Nokia will start making own phone again.

  • Anand

    Admit it!!! Even your website has no meaning now!!!!!!!!!!

  • TS

    I won’t. It was “From Nokia with Love”.

    Now it will be “From Microsoft with aim at Monopoly”

    Microsoft does not have the one ingridient, that made Nokia phones the best in the world.

    • frenzel

      Don’t get it. Same ppl building and designing the phones (like inventor of lumia 800/900 design pannenbecker who is now chief designer) …. elop will become ceo at MSFT so same boss… they bought the use of all nokia patents so same Here Maps, same camera, same everything….
      why should those phones get worse?
      they will even get better because hardware and software can now be in total sync. think of that 8 year old xbox360 and what power you have gotten out of it just by developing games exactly for this machine… now they can build the software exactly for their hardware and vice versa… im excited…

      • Alon

        You do bring up a good point, so I will be patient and wait. I am truly hoping what you suggest will come to pass. It will be a great thing.

  • Alon

    Although I like my 920, I do have to say that I haven’t been that impressed with the MS side of things. The announcement of MS buying Nokia has left feeling a way…I think that the Windows Phone has great potential. I was excited at the beginning, but after almost a year, I’m not sure MS sees the same potential I see and as a result the phone may not become the phone it could be. Some days I miss my old nokia, and if it wasn’t for the camera on my 920 I may have already switched back. Seeing that I usually keep a phone for 2 to 4 years I’m good for now, but it will be interesting what the phone situation will be by then. But for now…feeling lost about Nokia.

  • Edo

    i will, the crew that create lumia is still the same, the only thing that worries me though is the marketing department.

    • Shravan

      I agree. They have been making great phones and I hope they continue to make them while at MS. A lot of the software work that the Nokia team did was on top of the OS. Now, with access to the underlying OS, I’m sure they’ll do magical things, if they’re allowed to by MS. Hopefully, Here Maps etc. will have deeper integration with the OS. After several years, the team will have control over both software and hardware and I’m sure the results will be great.

      MS marketing has been terrible, except for the new 1020 ad.

      I will be sad to see the Nokia name go away, but if the team stays in place, I will continue to support them.