Keeping its promise of bringing full smartphone like usability and performance to Asha devices, Nokia has now released public transport application “Nokia Transit” for S40 devices at BetaLabs. Till now, it was available to only Lumia and Symbian devices. As, is clear by name itself, Nokia Transit for S40 helps you navigate cities using available public transportation.


Search for public transport stations/stops, addresses and POIs.

Choose from multiple routes and follow the list of directions for buses, trams, underground or trains.

Use the map to find out how to walk to the stop or see what’s around it.

Plan your trip ahead using the time options.

Have your favourite destinations saved to future use on your trips.

Have your favorite trips saved for offline usage, saving time and money on data plans.

Find nearby stations, departure times and even types of transit lines available around your location.

View detailed line stops and times before you get off.


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