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So, Nokia has clevearly teased Lumia 1020’s 41 MP camera power in two images in their two articles at Nokia conversations. In above picture you can see “Balloons” close-up and note the image title is WP_20130617_12_40_31_Zoom2.

Now, have a look at below image and see how far and tiny the balloons look. Now, check the image title and it is WP_20130617_12_40_31_Zoom1. Needless to say, the image above is a crop from the image below and it is captured with a Lumia device.

I know, every 808 owner will feel nostalgic and proud reminiscing, similar promos done for 808 PureView as well. Remember, “story inside a story” adverts for 808. Insane amount of details even in a 5 MP image. That’s the power of PureView and we are really excited!!WP_20130617_12_40_31_Zoom2

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