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Nokia 9’s new variant TA-1052 appears on Geekbench now with 4 GB RAM

We last reported about the appearance of a Nokia 9 variant with 6GB RAM on Geekbench. Now, a previously unknown variant of Nokia 9 TA-1052 has appeared in the Benchmark listing. This one also has 4 GB RAM and of course, runs Snapdragon 835.

With the appearance of TA-1052, we now have three known variants of Nokia 9: TA-1004, TA-1012 and TA-1052. TA-1004 has appeared the most in leaks. It was first seen at Geekbench and then at AnTuTu as well. We exclusively reported TA-1004 and TA-1012 variants passing EA Union certification.

In case you want to check how it may look like you can read our article here. Here are some probable Nokia 9 collated specs as per input from our sources and leaks.

Nokia 9 major specs:

  • 5.5-inch, QHD resolution display
  • Snapdraon 835
  • 4GB / 6GB / 8GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM
  • 13 MP Dual-Lens Rear Camera
  • 13 MP Front camera
  • IP68 Water / Dust resistant

We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-1005 have appeared for the very first time anywhere. TA-1005 may be another variant of TA-1004 aka Nokia 9.

You can read our full Nokia 9 coverage by clicking here.


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  • Kris

    Will there be option to buy it with Symbian instead Android onboard?

    • DBS

      No. Symbian is dead.

  • Chazz Matthews

    Why does the French site Frandroid who physically held the prototype in the blue blocky box say it has a 5.3″ screen size? They ran a spec app on the device that showed the display size.

    • DBS

      Because assuming Frandroid is speaking the truth, they actually held the device whilst NokiaPowerUser is only basing it on the info they get from rumours and their sources.

      • Chazz Matthews

        Frandroid has pictures of the device (hidden in blue blocky plastic case) but were able to run specs app and take pictures of the results. They were even allowed to take pictures with the phone itself.

        Their device showed capacitive buttons. Could that confuse a specs app to show different screen size? For instance, I have the 5.2″ 1440p AMOLED Moto XT1225 with capacitive buttons, and Display Tester app says it’s 4.59″ display. It’s not. Also says I have soft keys, and I do not (or at least I don’t have them turned on in my custom ROM).

        • DBS

          I take that report with a big grain of salt. I think it’s extremely weird that HMD would allow them to use the device, take photos of it AND take photos FROM it. Often OEMs don’t even allow people to take photos taken from phones that were just announced and are on display, let alone from unannounced phones.

          As for the app…that’s exactly it. It’s an app. A lot of things are variable in it. Some will consider the soft-keys as part of the screen, other will discount from the screen size the size taken by the soft-keys, others will look IF the phone allows for soft-keys to show or not etc.

          So the best way to find out the actual size of a screen is with a ruler. 5.3″ is indeed a weird size…but so is 5.1 so…

  • mehmet

    it could be nokia 8 too

    • Simon

      yes i still think its the nokia 8

  • noox

    No Jack ?

    • Chazz Matthews

      The one physically held by the French site Frandroid has a headset jack. Google search Frandroid Nokia 9 you’ll see the pictures they took.