Last we reported about Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 appearing as “Unknown Heart” at Geekbench. While at that time it was just an educated guess that these are upcoming Nokia Phones, Nokia 9 has now appeared as TA-1004 running Snapdragon 835.

As you can check in the screenshot below, it seems Nokia 9 will come 4 GB RAM, but this mayn’t be true, because as far as we know it will have 6 GB RAM. Another leak from a trusted source has claimed to reveal Nokia 9’s hand-made image and that it will pack 13 MP Dual-Lens Camera.

We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-1005 have appeared for the very first time anywhere. TA-1005 may be another variant of TA-1004 aka Nokia 9.

Emergence of Nokia Android smart phones Nokia 7, 8 and 9 is certainly not a coincidence anymore. We last reported about HMD registering four new design trademarks in Europe.

So, we can expect more and more leaks of these three smartphones in coming days. For now click on Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 links to read our detailed coverage.