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Nokia 9 prototype’s hand-made image leaked in China. 13 MP Dual-Lens Camera claimed

A trusted source in China, that has been right about many Nokia related leaks in past, has posted a hand-made image of what he claims as back of Nokia 9. The image shows 13 MP Dual-Lens rear camera with Dual-LED flash. Check the posted image below.

Before this image we have posted an exclusive tip about two Nokia designs sketches that may be of Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. Few days ago there has been a video leak that shows a high-end Nokia with Dual-Lens camera but with a single LED flash. This we assumed to be Nokia 8 based on the sketches that we have seen earlier.

But if you check the latest claimed Nokia 9 prototype image it seems the phone shown in the video and this image really have similarities in design. What is different is the lack of Dual-LED flash in the phone shown in video.

If you ask us, we really think this image may belong to Nokia 9, but there may be more than one prototype design in testing. That happens many times. Design sketches usually belong to final products. So, hopefully HMD brings Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 with separate designs to market.

Coming to Nokia 9 specs, we can sort of confirm 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 835, Rear Dual-Lens Camera,  6 GB RAM, Finger Print Scanner, IP68 certification via our sources. These are some of the major specs we have been hearing from other sources too. We earlier reported detailed Nokia 9 specs via an anonymous tip, but we told you to take that with a pinch of salt.

We last reported about HMD registering four new design trademarks in Europe. We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-100 have appeared for the very first time anywhere.

So, we can expect more and more leaks of these three smartphones in coming days. For now click on Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 links to read our detailed coverage.

Via: Baidu

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  • Muerte

    The French site Frandroid seems to have better “exclusive” sources than NPU…

  • Anthorama

    I could like it, if it has double sim and OS and for sure good mics to be able to record loud sounds as in concerts

  • DBS

    – No wireless charging
    – No dedicated camera button
    – Enormous
    – Stock Android
    – Low resolution cameras

    These 5 things, if they turn out true, will be enough to ensure I WON’T buy the Nokia flagship. In fact, it means the 3310 is likely the only phone I’ll buy from HMD. Nothing in this supposed “flagship” makes it better than the S7 I’m already using. And that’s very unfortunate.

    • m477

      What’s wrong with stock Android? I much prefer it to the bloated customization of manufacturers like Samsung.

      • DBS

        Lacks a ton of features like, for example, access to the theme engine built into AOSP to allow us to customise the colours of system UI and notification tray. For example.

        • m477

          Stock android does not necessarily mean lack of features. Anyway, I value system smoothness and faster updates over changing colours. Also, AOSP does not have a theme engine. It’s a feature of custom roms borrowed from the Sony firmware.

          • DBS

            And now I know you don’t really understand how Android works. System smoothness is achieved more easily when you have fewer features. Take the late Windows Phone as an example. The less it did, the faster it was. iOS is the same. It actually does very little. Which is why it’s so fast. Stock Android keeps playing catch up to OEM skins. All that Android N brought for example was already available on Samsung’s TouchWiz.

            And you’re absolutely wrong. The theme engine you say OEMs borrowed from Sony IS built into AOSP. Sony donated it to AOSP and it’s present in every single Android phone. Which is why if you root a stock Android phone you can then install an app like Substratum that will provide you with the tools to use that theme engine.
            So if I root a Nokia 6 for example, that theme engine will be there anyway. The thing is, if Nokia wasn’t going with the stupid decision of copying what Google puts on their iPixels, they could build the app that accesses that theme engine. Just like Sony, Samsung and LG do.

            • m477

              I don’t think you know how Android actually works. Features do not make the system slower, if they are implemented correctly. It’s just a matter of optimisation. TouchWiz could be smoother, faster and less buggy, but it’s not a priority for Samsung. Design and marketing are, and it’s obviously working for them, since the average Joe will not notice lags on a S8 as much as a tech enthusiast. (I’m still shocked that they managed to make the 835 lag)

              The Android Open Source Project does not have a theme engine. Look it up in its sources. The one Sony developed is opensource, but is not part of AOSP as of now. Rumours say it will be integrated in Android O. It’s present only on Sony phones, and custom homebrew roms at the moment. If you root a Nokia 6, you will not be able able to use a theme engine unless you install a custom rom, or some xposed module. It’s not present in the system. Samsung, LG, Huawei etc. use a custom proprietary theme engine, not based on Sony’s RRO theme engine.

              • DBS

                Absolutely NONE of TouchWiz’s problem is caused by the implementation of the extra features. Otherwise, if you knew how Android works, you’d know that if a feature is poorly implemented, it would not only drag the OS but it would also not function properly. And all of the extra features Samsung built into TouchWiz and Google copied function flawlessly.
                That which makes Samsung’s UI (and LG’s for that matter) lag with time is the abundance of bloatware. And by bloatware I mean the duplication of system-level apps. On a Samsung phone you have, at a system-level, two browsers running, two email clients running, two payment systems running, two cloud systems running, etc etc. Because Samsung duplicates Google’s services in an attempt to pull people away from Google services and into their own. The only advantage of stock Android – and what makes it faster and smoother – is the absence of all those duplicate services.
                Same thing happens with Windows. If you compare an OEM Windows computer and a Microsoft (or custom built) computer, the performance is quite different. Because OEMs always build their own services into Windows (that’s how they make extra money).

                As for the theme engine, it IS in the AOSP code, it IS available on EVERY SINGLE MODERN ANDROID DEVICE and it’s not going to be integrated in Android O, it’s already there. What could happen (but I doubt it) is Google building the consumer facing app that would allow everyone to access the customisation features without the need to root.
                Sony’s work on RRO and OMS for their own Xperia Themes (which, curiously, have become LESS powerful since 5.0) was put into AOSP and Google IS using it.
                If you don’t believe me, get a Nexus 6P for example or an iPixel, root it, head over to the Play Store and install “Substratum” which is just an app, NOT a custom ROM.
                What Samsung and LG did was create apps to access that theme engine build into AOSP and limit the customisation to what they deemed appropriate (since, in a rooted stock Android phone, you get such deep access to the theme engine that it can even customise apps like YouTube or Gmail). They then build that app to access the theme engine in a way that it would only allow it to work with theme files from THEIR stores (Samsung’s Store and LG World) instead of the Play Store where Sony puts theirs.

                So if I pick up a Nokia 6 and root it, I WILL get access to that theme engine built into stock Android, I can promise you that. In fact, I might even get a Nokia 5 just to do that. If I do, I’ll post it somewhere here just for you to see.
                (Until then, go to YouTube and search for “Substratum” to see it in action on Nexus devices.)

    • Omar Spagnolo

      I think the same. No dedicated camera button thats not a Nokia design
      I think the flagship have to bring glance too.

    • What i want from a Nokia Flagship:
      – Wireless Charging should be present. Nokia was the 1st company to put wireless charging in phones and if they don’t, then that’s a step behind 🙁
      – Camera Button is a must as it makes very easy to launch camera and helps in capturing images faster. Also, Nokia phones always had a dedicated camera button. Even my Nokia X2-00 has it which is a feature phone. All Lumia phones had it from low end to flagships. Very disappointed as Nokia 3, 5 and 6 don’t have a camera button
      – I want a phone that is above 5.5″- 6″ i am used to my Nokia Lumia 1320 and it get difficult for me to type on smaller screens. Also they should include swipe keyboard. The phone should have a good weight to it. I am used to 220grams of Nokia Lumia 1320 + 80 grams for a case = 300 grams.
      – This will be my 1st Android so i don’t know much about the OS but i would like to have some customization from Nokia to make it look different than the rest. Also i would like to have a dark theme preinstalled 😛 Windows Phone user here 😛
      – Camera should be the best. It should work very well in low light and the camera UI should have a manual control similar to Lumia Camera.(if moto g5 can copy that feature then, y can’t the company who 1st made it, put it in their phones)
      – Design should be completely different then the Nokia 6. I think they will follow the same design language for all phones. Bring something new, I would like to see phones made out of polycarbonate if similar to Lumias. 🙂
      – Audio recording capabilities must be the best. Very high expectations from Nokia on audio and camera. 😛 These two features should be much better than on any other smartphones.
      – Extra features such as glance screen, double tap to wake should be included. and they should partner with Jolla and make sailfish available on their recent android phones similar to what Sony did. 🙂

      • DBS

        Well, from your points:

        – Completely agree.

        – Ditto.

        – Exactly the opposite. I want phones 5″ or smaller. I’m sick of monster phones that can’t be used with one hand 😛 (By the way, pretty much all Android keyboards have swipe in them).

        – Stock Android is the WORSE version of Android for customisation. And you can for sure bet there ISN’T a dark theme in that. Which is why I hate stock Android so much (you’ll have to root the phone – and thus lose the warranty – and use Substratum to get that).

        – I highly doubt it will be. If this monochrome lens is real and the megapixel count is 13, it will perform nicely, but it seems a copy of the cameras Huawei is doing with Leica. It will most certainly NOT be the best camera on Android, as one would expect from Nokia. In fact, aft this point, I think we’re ALL in for a MASSIVE disappointment in regards to the camera on the Nokia 9. As for manual controls, it will really depend on the camera app. If it’s the same as the Nokia 6 camera app, then it’s an absolute disaster: hidden inside the settings of the camera, it barely has any options for us to tweak. A massive step back compared to the Lumia camera app.

        – Yeah I would hope at least the materials would be more premium, like glass (for wireless charging). But going by the rumours, it looks like it will just be another slab of aluminium with the same finish as the “Art Black” version of the Nokia 6, aka, the iPhone 7 Jet Black copy.

        – Well…the Nokia 6 does have Dolby Atmos support…but I’m not sure how much of that will translate to actually audio recording quality.

        – None of those features are part of stock Android so I highly doubt that there will be double tap to wake, glance etc.

        Quite honestly, at this point, I think these HMD Nokia phones will be a massive flop with fans. They will be extremely well build…but that’s it. The version of Android in them is so bare bones and so bad that it will absolutely ruin the rest of the phone. And while you can get away with that on a 300€ phone, on a flagship which will likely cost over 700€, you can’t.

        From all I’ve seen so far, I have lost all intentions of switching from the S7 to the Nokia 9. In fact, if HMD keeps in this path, I’ll probably sooner buy the S9 next year (once Samsung puts the fingerprint scanner in a normal place) or the G7 (if LG doesn’t f*ck us over in Europe again by removing features present in the US version like wireless charging) than a Nokia flagship.
        And it’s really, really sad. Because I had much higher hopes for HMD. And I *know* that the phones Nokia was preparing themselves (before deciding to not go ahead and create HMD instead) were better than this.

        • “And I *know* that the phones Nokia was preparing themselves (before deciding to not go ahead and create HMD instead) were better than this.”
          How do you know this?
          If Nokia did it on their own then that would have been the best. Y create HMD Global and then mess around with the Brand name 🙁

          • DBS

            It would be a financial risk. If they did it themselves and the thing went wrong (as it will likely go with HMD if these are the sort of products they’re bringing), then the market value of the Nokia Corporation would be affected.

    • apamau

      agreed… looks dissapointed… my last flagship fr them is lumia 1020 / lumia 930
      still once a while using the 1020 to crops photo from distance away.. too bad, looks like my decision to jump s8 is right…