A trusted source in China, that has been right about many Nokia related leaks in past, has posted a hand-made image of what he claims as back of Nokia 9. The image shows 13 MP Dual-Lens rear camera with Dual-LED flash. Check the posted image below.

Before this image we have posted an exclusive tip about two Nokia designs sketches that may be of Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. Few days ago there has been a video leak that shows a high-end Nokia with Dual-Lens camera but with a single LED flash. This we assumed to be Nokia 8 based on the sketches that we have seen earlier.

But if you check the latest claimed Nokia 9 prototype image it seems the phone shown in the video and this image really have similarities in design. What is different is the lack of Dual-LED flash in the phone shown in video.

If you ask us, we really think this image may belong to Nokia 9, but there may be more than one prototype design in testing. That happens many times. Design sketches usually belong to final products. So, hopefully HMD brings Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 with separate designs to market.

Coming to Nokia 9 specs, we can sort of confirm 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 835, Rear Dual-Lens Camera,  6 GB RAM, Finger Print Scanner, IP68 certification via our sources. These are some of the major specs we have been hearing from other sources too. We earlier reported detailed Nokia 9 specs via an anonymous tip, but we told you to take that with a pinch of salt.

We last reported about HMD registering four new design trademarks in Europe. We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-100 have appeared for the very first time anywhere.

So, we can expect more and more leaks of these three smartphones in coming days. For now click on Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 links to read our detailed coverage.

Via: Baidu