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Updated: Leaked video reveals high-end Nokia 8 with Dual-Lens Camera and one more mid-ranger

Update: As expected the video has been taken down by the uploader, but we have the mirror available on our YouTube channel. Check the mirrored video below. This however gives a kind of legitimacy to this video or else there was no reason for this to be removed.

A video posted on Vimeo has been leaked by Evan Blass of Evleaks fame. This video features four Nokia smartphone, two of which can be easily identified as  Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. Other two are quite interesting.

One of them (leftmost) has Dual-Lens camera and its design reminds us of one of the leaked sketches that we were sent. We took it to be Nokia 8 as the other sketch seemed to be even higher-end probably Nokia 9. Check it in the images below.

There is one more phone next to the one with Dual-Lens camera and it looks like a new phone. It doesn’t look like Nokia 6 because of its camera module and flash position. It may be Nokia 7 that we reported exclusively about earlier.

We last reported about HMD registering four new design trademarks in Europe. We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-100 have appeared for the very first time anywhere.

We have heard about HMD’s plans to launch 6-7 Nokia Android smartphones in 2017 from reliable sources. So, while three of them Nokia 3, 5 and 6 are already out we can expect 3-4 more coming our way this year.

Check the leaked video below.

Leaked Video:

The original video has been taken down by the person who posted it on Vimeo. But we were able to mirror it on our YouTube Channel.


Source (Down now): Nokia Reveal Film from George Chevalier Lewis on Vimeo.

Via: Evan Blass

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  • anandkumar marrigunta

    well they would be nokia 9,8,7,2 as there were some leaks about these numbers by nokia. hope there are some more gud phones with better processors than 5,6,3 and also 4 has been skipped because there is belief that 4 is an unlucky number and so did the one plus too skipped it.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    From the lock screen it looks like Jelly Bean / Kit Kat OS.

  • Vijay Thakkar

    Forth Dual camera phone may be named as Nokia 1 As time showing is 13:56 Nokia has already announced Nokia 3,5 and 6 so only remained is 1.

  • mehmet

    its not nokia 8 its nokia 7
    you can see it in first picture
    all models left to right; 7,6,5,3 see? no nokia 8
    and we saw its sketches about 1.5 months ago

    • from right to left; Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 🙂

  • Video no longer available 🙁

  • infinidim

    The pictures look interesting but I do think the video might be fan made though.

  • DBS

    Pretty sure the video is fan made.

    • Kamal

      As per Evan Blass that fellow worked for Nokia earlier. But frankly speaking we too think it may be an internal Nokia concept rather than a genuine leak.

      • DBS

        I don’t even believe it’s an internal Nokia concept. Because Nokia doesn’t do this sort of video for anything other than marketing. And even then, they never do them with so little detail. I mean, when you look at it, the video shows absolutely nothing that hasn’t been “leaked” before.

        As for Blass, the guy is a complete joke of a source when it comes to Nokia. He falls for the most obvious of bullsh*ts and then blames it on “the sources”. Remember the “Nokia by Microsoft” bull crap he “leaked” in 2014? Yeah. When outted he said he was lied to… When anyone with a functioning brain would know that “Nokia by Microsoft” would NEVER happen lol


    All of them look like a midrange device.
    Not good.

    • marty farrell

      Agreed Sandy. Same old monolith, sadly.