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It is Nokia 8 after all, confirms Bluetooth certification

August 16 can’t come sooner as the excitement builds up for the launch of Nokia 8, the affordable flagship Nokia Android smartphone. We just reported about the latest appearance of Nokia 8 at GFXBench that listed all Nokia 8 variants as Nokia 9.

It may have been able to raise some suspicion about whether HMD will launch it as Nokia 9. But it is certainly Nokia 8 that will be launched on August 16 and this has been now confirmed by the Bluetooth certification of TA-1004 and TA-1012.

While the Bluetooth certification for TA-1004 already existed, HMD updated the Bluetooth certification with the name of the smartphone that was certified as Nokia 8 and also added TA-1012 to the list. TA-1012 is the only Nokia 8 variant that has been caught with both 4GB and 6GB RAM, hinting at a special edition model like Arte Black or may be Copper-Gold in this case.

Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will go against likes of OnePlus 5 and other so-called flagship killers. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera. You can check full specs and details of Nokia 8 at our dedicated page. Read our full Nokia 8 coverage by clicking here.

HMD has already sent invites to media for the August 16 event in London where it is expected to unveil Nokia 8 and 3G Nokia 3310. Latest rumors claims to reveal Nokia 8 pricing to be a cool EUR 517 in Europe.

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  • akcme

    I don’t know what HMD/Nokia is thinking in their head. Time has moved on since 2007-08 and they still think they are market leader and want premium for their phones. In US, Nokia haven’t had success in a long time because of the carrier oriented business model and they don’t price their phones competitively in US and other markets to begin with so they keep discounting later on. In India, Xiaomi is one company which is eating everybody’s lunch by selling decent phone designs with great hardware (processor and RAMs) at very affordable prices. If Nokia is not gonna compete with Xiaomi then they should pack up and forget India. Not many people buy phones which costs over Rs 40,000 unless you are apple or Samsung. I believe the story would be same if you went elsewhere in Asia. When I look at Nokia 3, 5, and 6 pricing, I can bet they are set up for big failures. You want a come back, make sure everyone recommends your phone based on PRICE and VALUE. No if’s or but’s.

  • DBS

    517€ before taxes. Important to remember that. This will likely cost 600€. Which pretty much makes it DOA. The phone itself can’t compete with a flagship from 2016 let alone 2017. Specialty when the likes of the G6 cost less than 500€ already and the S8 costs around 600€.

    • iia3ezu

      You can never compete on costs against the Chinese brands. And you’ll never steal the limelight from Samsung and Apple.

      Nokia is well positioned to assert itself in the mid-range market.

      HTC is beleaguered, Motorola is the OEM bitch of Google, LG has been tarnished by bootloops and shoddy customer service, Sony still thinks its brand alone deserves a premium tax like during the Japan boom of the 1970s to early 1990s.

      All Nokia has to do is outperform the likes of HTC, LG etc in camera, battery life and software quality (timely Android updates, no bloat, no preinstalled crapware).

      • DBS

        I completely disagree.

        1 – They can’t compete on costs with Chinese brands. True. But in Europe that’s irrelevant since Chinese brands hold little to no power whatsoever. The most popular Chinese brand is Huawei and they do not do cheap phones.

        2 – They won’t be able to steal Samsung’s limelight because every single phone they’ve presented so far – and I’m including the Nokia 5,8 in this – is inferior in every way to what Samsung is currently putting out.
        They won’t steal Apple’s limelight because Apple only sells to Apple fans. Most consumers do NOT buy Apple products. There’s a reason Apple only has less than 20% marketshare around the World.

        3 – Motorola belongs to Lenovo. HTC was never a serious contender. But LG and Sony are. LG’s “bootloop” issues have long been fixed (and I know it, I suffered from them on the G4) but their customer support in Europe is very good. So is Sony’s. As for “Sony still thinks its brand alone deserves a premium tax”, this is true. But HMD is doing the same with these phones. None of these phones HMD has released is actually good. They have good build quality but that’s it. Everything else is just absolute crap. And HMD does NOT even have customer support set up yet (if your phone has a problem, stores are ordered to replaced it for you immediately with a new one). But they are still asking a premium just because the phones have the Nokia branding in them.

        Take this Nokia 5,8 as an example. Absolutely nothing in it is actually premium. The design is a reuse of a cheap low-end design. The camera is supposed to have Zeiss lenses but it’s almost certainly only the lenses since the software is probably bogged down by the utter sh*t that is stock Android. There is no camera button. No AMOLED display. No glance screen. No double-tap to wake. No wireless charging. It doesn’t check more than half the requirements of a flagship or even an “affordable flagship” (which is a bullshit term for “overpriced midranger”).
        Why does HMD think this is worth anything over 400€? It isn’t. But they will ask for more just because it has the Nokia name slapped on it.

        So when it comes to Sony, I’m not sure we can actually throw stones at them. Glass houses and all of that.

        Oh and not to mention that Sony only needs to stop being stubborn to actually fix the problems with their phones. All the shortcomings of their Xperia flagship line have been around for years and Sony has been made aware of them over and over again. If one day someone who isn’t an idiot is put in charge of Sony Mobile, they might as well fix that and then there will be a problem.

        HMD will not be able to outperform Samsung, Apple, Huawei/Honor or LG. They might be able to outperform Sony but only if the new Xperia Z7 and Z7 Compact (no one is sure about the branding so I’m calling them Z7 just to make it easy) continue to be plagued with the problems Xperias have had since the Z3 line.

        And here’s why:
        1 – Android OEMs have step up their camera game A LOT since Nokia left. LG has currently the best camera hardware on Android, and Samsung and Huawei are following very very close nearby.
        And speaking of LG, Nokia is licensing technology to them. So…there’s also that.
        2 – Battery life on the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 has been mediocre at best, and that’s with cheap SoC’s and low end screens.
        3 – Software will remain crap as long as it’s stock Android with its absurd lack of features. Oh and NO ONE cares about “timely Android updates”. Which in HMD’s case isn’t a problem since they are already failing at that…where’s 7.1.1 for the Nokia 3? Yeah, so much for “timely updates” as an excuse for sh*t software.

        • Gerrard Jr

          negative comments after negative comments and calling nokia 8,5
          i don’t know what’s the deal with you. This is nokiapoweruser site and all i sense from you is negative. Instead of making judgement all the time, why not let it play itself out?
          Nokia 8 is still yet to be announced and you talk like you know everything and it must be very exhausting time for you

          • DBS

            Boo hoo. Go cry in the corner and see if I care. I will make all the negative comments I want as long as I think they’re justified.

            And no, I don’t need to let things “play out”. I can pass judgement based on these leaks all I want. Otherwise there’s no point in having leaks to start with. If you don’t like it, though titties.

            And yes, this is nokiapoweruser. It’s not The Church of HMD. So there’s that.

            • Gerrard Jr

              sorry…my fault
              no making sense replying to people like you
              i will reply you no more
              and by the way…you think i will be crying over your comments???
              well, no, I’m not you
              and by the way, such a nice choice of words…leave a thousand negative comments if that makes you feel better

    • Without VAT it’s 434€

      • DBS

        Which just confirms this is price before taxes. Or, at best, a carrier price.
        The phone is still not worth more than 400€ though

        • What price according to you is worthy for Nokia 8? I mean the exact amount that you think is okay to go with for Nokia 8

          • DBS

            Considering all that it doesn’t offer, the 2015 design and the type of barebones software it brings (thus not offering anything special to the consumer), the only reasonably acceptable price for it would be 450€ tops, after taxes.

            The fact is, this is a Nokia 5. It just has a different processor and 2 extra GBs or RAM. And supposedly Zeiss optics, though I’m almost sure this only only has Zeiss lenses but not the rest of the technological optimisations Zeiss does. So, considering the Nokia 5 costs 230€, I think 220€ extra is enough for the little this adds over it. Those 220€ are paying for the 835, +2GB of RAM and Zeiss lenses. It more than covers it.

            • I’d agree with the point that this is N5 with updated internals but other things
              Zeiss decided to bring the lenses and algorithms and not just a slap on Zeiss branding.

              software stock or custom is kind of personal preferences so no proper solution for that.. it’s stock for me maybe custom for you.

              The point rumoured that there will be Nokia 9 featuring all the flashy features like galaxies, pixels, iphones, etc… having edge to edge display(Bezel-less), waterproofing, etc

              Also, what price you’ll put up for 7 ?

              • DBS

                Which is why I said “Zeiss lenses”. Which is likely what this will bring. The lenses are Zeiss – and it’s important to have good quality lenses – but there won’t be much else. Mainly because it takes time to integrate their tech with Android and HMD’s insistence on “stock Android” prevents much of that.

                I’m not sure there will be a Nokia 7 at all. But if there is, then it should land at about 350€.

                As for the Nokia 9, again, I remain skeptical. We’ll see.

                • One thing HMD kept custom is the Camera app
                  Also, recently HMD got the Lumia Camera app patent transferred from Microsoft(no denying that it is one of the best apps for mobile camera)
                  So implementing that specific camera thing shouldn’t be much of an issue and I’m more or less sure that Zeiss and HMD were working on it before the announcement of the deal.

                  Nokia 7 surely will be a thing or else it’ll be a weird big gap between N6 & N8.
                  Also, i think 7 might even carry two models carrying Snapdragon 630&660.
                  As for N9, the only reason I believe it’ll exist is the reason that in previous interviews it was hinted that there will be 2 different versions of Flagship.

                  • DBS

                    The camera app is just a housing though. They got the UI for the camera but for that UI to work they need to integrate the camera hardware, the phone hardware and the software to stich it all up. It’s something that takes quite a lot of time to get right. So while they can easily push out an update to the camera app that brings the Lumia UI to these phones, it doesn’t equal bringing the functionality with it.

                    As for the Nokia 7…see…the problem here is yeah, it would leave a weird gap (well, not really…there’s also no Nokia 4 and the “it’s bad luck in China” excuse doesn’t hold in the rest of the World) but they would be going into the same mistakes they made with the Lumia line.

                    You have Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7, Nokia 8, Nokia 9. 7 phones. And what exactly separates them? The Nokia 5 and 6 use the same processor with the only difference being an extra GB of RAM (or 2) and 3 more megapixels in the rear camera. The Nokia 8 is a Nokia 5 with a different processor and camera. The Nokia 2 is likely a Nokia 3 with a different processor. What would the Nokia 7 be? A Nokia 6 with a different processor? Two Nokia 7’s?

                    This is a mess. This is what led Nokia’s old D&S division to bleed money and ultimately sink. If consumers get confused about the phones, they’ll opt for another brand who has a clearer message.
                    I know Nokia executives (and I’m talking Nokia Nokia, not HMD) aren’t happy with this trajectory. In fact often Suri said that the Nokia brand would be well positioned to target the premium market…only. Nokia’s original plan, when they were developing their own phones in house (before deciding to create HMD instead) was for creating only a Premium phone. So with HMD doing exactly the opposite and repeating the mistakes Nokia itself made, they’re not comfortable. We’ll see what happens with the next CEO of HMD…but one thing I think we can expect…there will be changes. Whether the Nokia 7 will even see the light of day…we’ll see. If it’s not presented on 16th August, it could be presented alongside the Nokia 9 (not sure when though…). But if the new CEO takes charge meanwhile, he might decide to kill it. I know I would if I were the CEO.
                    (Actually, if I were the CEO I’d kill the Nokia 2, the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 8. The Nokia 3 would get a new better Qualcomm processor, the Nokia 5 would get a new 600 series qualcomm processor as well and the Nokia 9 would get the 835. And the phone line would be reduced to 3 phones. A budget, a mid-ranger and a flagship.)

                    • Forget about the camera app UI.
                      If there is Zeiss, i feel they would’ve been working way before the partnership announced or otherwise it’s not good..

                      The lineup surely i too would’ve reduced the amount of phones

                      Nokia 6 (SD 4xx)
                      Nokia 7 (SD630)
                      Nokia 7+/7xl (SD 660)
                      Nokia 8 (SD 8xx)

                      Anyway let’s they end up putting something great to the market