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[Updated with Invite] Affordable flagship Nokia 8 launch on Aug 16

We last shared our expectation that HMD will send invites for a Nokia 8 launch event soon. And it has happened now. HMD has sent media invites for an event in London on August 16.

The invite doesn’t reveal too many details but does mention that it is about “unveiling the next milestone for Nokia phones”. It is a good enough hint to understand that we can expect Nokia 8 unveil on August 16, given the massive amount of Nokia 8 leaks in recent days.

Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will go against likes of OnePlus 5 and other so-called flagship killers. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera but will be priced around USD 549/599.

Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship, on the other hand, will come with premium configuration and may not be announced along with Nokia 8.

You can check full details about Nokia 8 at our dedicated page. Read our full Nokia 8 coverage by clicking here.

Nokia 8 in news (full coverage):


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  • 777sasha3331

    When Nokia 9 available?

  • Gerrard Jr

    am i excited….umhnnnmmm….not really?!!?
    am i gonna buy this nokia 8… probably (not if nokia 7 comes with zeiss and a few other goodies or nokia 9 comes with beautiful design and innovation that excites me…)

  • DBS

    600€? LOL Yeah, again, it’s not an affordable flagship, it’s an overpriced mid-ranger.

    You know what currently costs 600€ in Europe? The Galaxy S8. Which pretty much obliterates this Nokia 5.8.
    And the LG G6, which is also a much better phone, costs less than 500€ now.

    What is that expression they say? Oh yes. This is “dead on arrival”.

    Thank God they kicked Numella out. Next they need to get rid of Sarvikas. Otherwise HMD will not be around for much longer.

    • its $600!!! 🙂 Its an expected price. I believe it will be much cheaper that that. 🙂 around $540
      S8 costs 770 euros in India. 😛 But G6 is around 480 Euros. LG G6 is awesome 🙂 But this phone will have sd835, 4/6gigs of ram, Dual Camera with ZEISS optics.
      BTW y do you think like this about Sarvikas? 😛

      • DBS

        The price won’t be announced in dollars but in Euros. When they announce prices in dollars you have to then add the “sales tax” that they apply in each State of the US which is sort of the equivalent of the European VAT.
        And considering the Nokia 6 sells for around 300€, I don’t see this going for much less than 600€. Although EVEN if it costs, say, 560€ which is the price of the OnePlus 5…it’s a terrible value. Because for only 40€ more (or 100€ less) you can get an S8 (or G6), both better phones. :

        • if i say in Rupees than the S8 costs 57900 INR, G6 costs 37500 INR and OP5 costs 33000-38000INR(4GB+64GB/8GB+128GB). Nokia 8 will cost around 35000 INR (my assumption).
          Nokia 6 costs 15k INR in India. Nokia 7 might cost 25K INR. 10K difference between each phone

          • DBS

            I’m not aware of the Indian market situation so I can’t comment fairly. The European situation is the one I described.

            Also forgot to address the rest of your comment (my bad).
            Regarding the specs, having an SD835 is nice…if the phone actually does anything that needs the SD835. Phones with stock Android don’t. It’s good for gaming but that’s it. And most people don’t actually do extensive gaming on their phones anyway.

            As for the dual camera with “Zeiss optics”, I doubt the optics are actually Zeiss. The lenses will probably be but Zeiss hasn’t done cameras without OIS for years. And those cameras so close to each other indicate lack of OIS…which immediately assures the camera will NOT be good.

            Which leads me to Sarvikas. All of these phones are a result of his leadership. He’s the Chief Product Manager. He allowed for the reuse of a cheap design on a supposed flagship (hence why I call it the Nokia 5,8). He made the stupid decision of using “the purest Android” to skip on doing any work AT ALL on the software to improve it (stock Android is FAR for perfect). It’s his decision to use cheap weak SoCs on the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. It’s his decision to only do cheap aluminium phones instead of using premium materials.
            It’s a result of his decisions that all these Nokia phones are uninspired “meh” products that look like they came out of 2015.
            This sort of products will NOT appeal to anyone who is using the competition. And that’s how he’s wasting the power of the Nokia brand.
            Nokia fans (like myself) who are using Galaxy S7 or S7, G6’s, Xperia XZ Premiums, iPixels, iPhone 7’s etc will NOT be coming back to Nokia with this sort of approach. And WE are the people who would actually be willing to give 700€ for a Nokia phone again and again. But it would need to justify it.

            These HMD phones so far don’t have a single drop of innovation in them. Nothing. That’s not what Nokia stands for. Lack of innovation and overpricing products just because of the brand is what Apple does. And guess what? No one else has managed to make that system work yet apart from Apple. Not even Nokia (and they tried it in the past).

            So Sarvikas has to go. He needs to be replaced quickly by someone with a sense of urgency and lack of cowardliness that is completely at HMD.

  • Mamed

    I don’t think Nokia/HMD should sell it for $549/599 if they want to compete, OnePlus 5 is $479/539 ( )

    • Gerrard Jr

      they will not try to compete with oneplus…if history is any indication…
      oneplus is overrated imho
      iphone wanna be with nothing extraordinary
      dunno what nokia 8 will bring though
      could ve a very boring device too

      • OnePlus is all good for the asking price. Try it to believe it 🙂

        • Gerrard Jr

          it’s not bad…i know it
          but all the attention and praise it got? overrated
          it’s just my opinion

          • Paid marketing. So yes 😁
            It’s still worth the money tho. I use a OnePlus 5 and it is perfect for the price. I cannot ask for more at this price. Its satisfactory.

    • DBS

      The OnePlus doesn’t actually cost that. You need to add sales tax to the price which is only added at checkout.